Super Sensitive ScratchSleeves

Eczema Sleeves for Arms and Legs


ScratchSleeves for Eczema and Other Itchies

Stop Your Child from Scratching their Itch

From 0 to 8 years.

Super Sensitive Fabric - Dye and Zinc FREE

  • Effective scratch mitts designed specifically for babies and children.
  • ScratchSleeves stay firmly in place while still being quick and easy to put on. 
  • Natural 100% dye and zinc free silk mitts protect delicate skin from even the most vigorous scratching while the loose fitting and 100% stretch cotton sleeves ensure babies and kids stay cool and comfortable.
  • ScratchSleeves can be used day or night. They can worn over or under regular clothing although for older children and more independent toddlers we recommend wearing ScratchSleeves under a t-shirt, pyjama or strapped top (such as overalls or jumpsuits) to ensure that they are difficult for the child to remove without help.
  • Designed for babies, toddlers and children with eczema but equally effective for scratching at other skin irritations, such as chicken pox and post surgical healing; hair-pulling; thumb-sucking; protecting feeding-tubes; and much more.
  • Machine washable at 40 degrees using a free and clear laundry detergent by themselves. Lay flat to dry to ensure longevity.

Smaller sizes (up to 9 months) have no shoulders and a cut-away neck line to keep little ones as cool as possible and so ScratchSleeves are easy for parents to use. We have added shoulders to the larger sizes to keep them fitting comfortably and to ensure that ScratchSleeves stay firmly in place on more active children.