Eczema Clothing: Information For Allergists

medicalbanner.pngInformation for Allergists that Treat Atopic Dermatitis/Eczema.

These garments are available through prescription and covered by most insurance companies and Medicaid.

Successfully Treat Stubborn Atopic Dermatitis with Wet Wrap Therapy Garments from AD RescueWear. Can Also be Used for Effective Dry Wrap Therapy to Keep Eczema Emollients and Medication in Place and Decrease Itch During Treatment.

Tencel® Fabric is More Absorbant than Cotton, Softer than Silk and Cooler than Linen. 

  • Tencel® Fabric Has Been Proven Superior for Atopic Dermatitis

  • Tencel® Reduces Itching

  • Tencel® Traps 50% More Moisture than Cotton

  • Tencel® Greatly Inhibits the Growth of Bacteria on the Fabric to Minimize Risk of Infection

  • Stays on the Skin for Extrememly Effective Wet Wrap Therapy.  Cotton Becomes Baggy When Wet and Harbors Bacteria.

Please see below an Eczema Treatment Protocol Document and a Wet Wrap Therapy Instructional Diagram for your patients.

Call 800-838-4051 x 5 for samples or tear pads of the wet wrap therapy instructional diagram or the Eczema Treatment Plan.



Below please find a wet wrap therapy instructional diagram for patients with eczema. These are also available in tear pad form. Please call 800-838-4051 x 5 for tear pads and samples.