Eczema Treatment Gloves for Kids


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Children’s Eczema Gloves

Treat Hand Eczema and Protect from Scratching

  • Use over Vaniply Ointment for fast and effective eczema treatment.

  • These super soft children’s gloves, made from biodegradable bamboo, prevent children from scratching their hand eczema. Cream stays on hands longer for treatment.

  • Perfect for wet wrapping, dry wrapping or protecting skin from scratching while playing or sleeping.

  • Hard to find child sizes. Perfect for little hands and fingers. Available in 5 sizes.

  • Excellent quality.  Will withstand many washings. We recommend all our products be washed in a gentle wash laundry bag and lay flat to dry.

Price includes one pair of gloves. Available in white only. Dyes can irritate eczema and sensitive skin.

Size: 1 – 2 year

Size: 3 – 4 year

Size: 5 – 6 year

Size: 7 – 8 year

Size: 9 – 10 year


9 Reviews

YC 3rd Aug 2018

The only ones like them.

My kiddo has been wearing these gloves for three years. We've been through many pairs despite the very high cost. Mainly because we have not found anything like them that:
1) come in such small sizes (my 4yo still wears the 1-2year size)
2) is soft enough that will not irritate my kid's super sensitive and rash-covered hands and
3) my kid will keep them on.
We use them for wet-wrapping at night and to protect my kid's hands from their own scratching during the day. The gloves do get dirty super fast (I mean they're white and a toddler is wearing them after all.) We hand-wash daily and cycle through about 4-5 pairs every 2-3 months depending on how bad our condition is. FYI, once dirty, they do not ever get "white" again unless perhaps if you use an SLS-detergent. We do not.
Have they miraculously made my kid's hand eczema go away like in the photos on the product page? No, but they do protect their super sensitive skin from irritation and makes wet wrapping a lot faster than using gauze at night.
We hope that as Tencel becomes more common in the consumer clothing industry, it will become a little bit more affordable. And perhaps by then we won't even need them anymore.

Karen Potts 1st Nov 2017

Children's eczema gloves

These gloves are wonderful! They have really helped my 2year old granddaughter. She willingly wears them every night and if her hands are particularly bad, she wears her "princess" gloves during the day.
I think that they are a bit pricey, but they have made such a difference that I'm glad that I purchased them.

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