Eczema Treatment Gloves for Adults


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Eczema Treatment Gloves for Adults

Treat Hand Eczema with these Super Soft Gloves

  • Perfect over Vaniply Ointment for effectively treating stubborn hand eczema.

  • These super soft gloves, made from biodegradable bamboo, prevent itching and scratching and also treat hand eczema when used over emollients and creams.

  • Great for wet and dry wrapping or protecting skin from scratching.

  • Excellent quality. Will withstand many washings. We recommend all our products be washed in a gentle wash laundry bag and lay flat to dry.

Price includes one pair of gloves. Available in white only. Dyes can irritate eczema.


Please note, glove should fit snuggly.

Measurement A: Lie the back of your palm flat, outstretch your fingers and measure from the tip of the middle finger to 2" below the base of your wrist. 

Measurement B: Measure the width of your palm just under the base of your fingers.

  • SMALL = A: 21cm (8.2 inches), B: 6.5cm (2.5 inches)

  • MEDIUM = A: 22cm (8.6 inches), B: 7cm (2.7 inches)

  • LARGE = A: 23cm (9 inches), B: 7.5cm (2.9 inches)

  • XLARGE= A: 24 cm (9.4 inches), B: 8cm (3.1 inches)

If your hands measure smaller than the size small, please see our children's size bamboo gloves.


3 Reviews

Patricia Garr 6th Mar 2017


My husband has a box of creams and ointments, OTC and prescription, Vaniply was a great addition. It helped to heal his hands and calm the itch. I'm back to reorder. He keeps one tube at home and one on the job.

Scott 6th Mar 2017


These gloves have made difference in my husband's condition and am back to buy another pair.

I strongly suggest hand washing and donning with care. They are not heavy duty like some of the 100% cotton gloves that can take abuse.

I would also like to mention that their customer service is excellent! I had an issue which was handled immediately, effectively, and resolved to my satisfaction.

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