Eczema Pants Adult Unisex

Eczema Relief Pants


Tencel® Eczema Treatment Pants

Wet or Dry Wrap or Wear as Eczema Clothing or Over Eczema Creams

These Tencel® Eczema Pants for Adults are perfect for dry or wet wrapping. After a warm shower apply an eczema ointment or cream and then dress in these super soft, breathable eczema pants designed for effective eczema treatment. 

These eczema pants are zinc and dye free. They are also made from 94% Tencel® which are perfectly breathable and ultra soft. Can be worn for treatment, under clothing or alone. Wear during the summer to prevent eczema flares as regular clothing, for exercising or for treatment over ointments or cream. Wear in the winter for dry, cracked eczema over creams and emollients.

AD RescueWear is the only eczema clothing made in the U.S.A. with zinc and dye free tencel®.