​Why We Love Tencel® Fabric for Eczema

​Why We Love Tencel® Fabric for Eczema

Elizabeth Scott

It was Earth Day last weekend and it reminded us why we love Tencel® so much. We’re proud to make products that make such a difference in people’s lives struggling with eczema and we’re proud they're also eco-friendly. You'll see on our website our Wrap-E-Soothe garments are made with certified Lenzing Tencel®/lyocell. We use a blend of 94% Tencel®/lyocell and 6% Spandex. We added a bit of the spandex for stretch so our garments would be close fitting but easy to apply. What you put on your body matters especially when you have sensitive skin and skin diseases like eczema. We have children with eczema and sensitive skin so we remember well struggling to find anything that wouldn’t make our babies itch! When we set out to make these products for eczema and wet wrap therapy we searched to find the perfect itch-reducing fabric. Here are some reasons why we decided to use a Tencel® based fabric.

We feel non-toxic and earth friendly products are important and the products we developed should be too. We were thrilled to find out how eco-friendly Tencel® is. According to Lenzing, the company that maufactures Tencel®, it is considered a very sustainable and eco-friendly fiber because of the unique closed loop process that used when making TENCEL®. The solvent used is recycled by almost 100% in the closed loop process and has received the "European Award for the Environment" from the European Union.The fiber comes from raw wood cultivated from forests that practice sustainability.

You may wish our garments had some color but we leave them undyed as conventional garment dyes are tough on the environment and may be tough on skin. Before we developed our products and had to wet wrap with regular cotton baby onsies, the fabric and dyes concerned us. Although cute and colorful we knew little about the dyes used on them. In addition, they were made with cotton and not comfortable feeling when wet. One of the toughest criteria was a fabric that felt good on your skin while wet. Since Tencel is made from regenerated wood fiber it has a unique structure that absorbs more moisture inside the fiber than cotton. The structure of the fiber is also smoother than cotton. This makes it a great fiber for holding moisture for wet wrap therapy but also making it comfortable while wet.

Another great benefit of using Tencel® for our products is the formation of bacteria is reduced. Because of the structure of the fiber, moisture is immediately transported into the inside of the fiber which means less of a film on the fabric to sustain bacteria growth. There are no chemicals added and a test by the Lenzing company demonstrates that the growth of bacteria on TENCEL® is greatly reduced compared to wool, cotton and synthetic fibers.

We’ve found over the years for this to be a great fabric for eczema and sensitive skin. Our customer’s testimonials are further motivation for us to continue to use this eco-loving fiber for our eczema garments. If you feel like adding some more Tencel to your wardrobe, here’s a list of some other clothing made with Tencel®. 

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