What's in Store For Eczema in 2018?

What's in Store For Eczema in 2018?

Elizabeth Scott

What a great year for eczema in terms of treatments and awareness. In 2017 there was more press and more social media coverage of this painful chronic condition suffered by over 30 million Americans. For those with severe eczema the availability of new biologics such as Dupixent (dupilumab) for the treatment of severe eczema and the drug Eucrisa (crisaborole) a topical cream for moderate eczema have made 2017 a banner year for eczema sufferers. Social media sites such as Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook continue to play a big part in bringing more attention, more resources and community to people suffering with eczema. 

The National Eczema Association made a big push for awareness this year hosting seminars such as, Leaders In Eczema One Day Forums, where patients could hear top doctors and researchers talk in small settings and engage directly in small groups. The NEA also improved and increased its social media outreach this year and key partnerships are bringing more help to people with eczema. Celebrity also helped to raise awareness as Chef Elizabeth Faulkner and Hollywood producer Peter Moffat shared their stories of eczema. Peter Moffat is the producer of the popular HBO series "The Night Of", featuring a lead character with eczema. His latest project depicts a day in the life of someone living with uncontrolled moderate to severe eczema, "Understanding AD: A Day in The Life” in partnership with Sanofi and Regeneron Pharmaceutical and The National Eczema Association. This type of project brings a new understanding and respect for this chronic condition. So, what’s on the horizon for 2018?

According to an article in Dermatology Today, 2018 will bring news of new biologics, and more research on the way for eczema sufferers including pediatrics. The article discusses the advances being made to develop more biologics including one that specifically targets a cytokine that causes itch. If it’s successful in clinical trials, it would be the first biologic agent designed to control itch. These new emerging therapies could be very important developments but the article cautions there could be barriers such as cost.

For those looking for ways to improve their daily eczema skin care routine in 2018, online companies such as AD RescueWear and The Eczema Company will continue to offer well-curated products for people with eczema that are non-drug therapies. And at AD RescueWear we’re excited to announce the launch of at least three new products for adults and kids in 2018.  Watch for announcements by following us on PinterestInstagramTwitter and Facebook. Wishing you all a Happy New Year!