Wet Wrap Therapy - Doctor Recommended Treatment for Eczema.

Wet Wrap Therapy - Doctor Recommended Treatment for Eczema.

Wet wrap therapy is very effective for treating eczema. It is recommended by doctors and the National Eczema Association.

Eczema is considered one of the most common skin conditions affecting one in five children in the United States. Symptoms of eczema such as red, inflamed, itchy skin can interrupt sleep and cause social and emotional issues.

Dylan Wike has had eczema his entire life. It first showed up as red, extremely itchy patches behind his knees and on his arms and wrists but then it spread to his face. "I had stuff all over my face and people were saying it was herpes and stuff. Yeah, a lot of people were making fun of me," said Wike.

Because of his extreme flare-up, Dylan’s mom began researching how to manage her son’s condition. She found Dr. Ivan Cardona in Portland, Maine. Dr. Cardona is an allergist and immunologist who treats eczema.

According to Dr. Cardona, symptoms of eczema include dry, red, itchy skin. These inflamed patches of skin can develop into small bumps. Areas normally affected by eczema are the hands, neck, face, and legs and tend to worsen and become infected if scratched.

Dr. Cardona described how miserable and painful eczema can be especially when the skin is scratched raw, develops open sores, bleeds, or becomes infected. According to Dr. Cardona, allergies and environmental factors can trigger eczema. Dylan was found to be allergic to dust mites and pet dander.

Dylan's mom removed as much dust as possible from the house and furniture, and moved the family dog to another area of the home. Dr. Cardona also recommended that Dylan take long baths several times a day, then apply a moisturizer and wrap his body in gauze and wet clothes. 
He has used this treatment with dozens of other patients. The process is called wet wrap therapy and is an extremely effective treatment for eczema. There are specialty medical undergarments available to make this process easy and comfortable.

The wet wrap therapy treatment has brought amazing results.

Below is a diagram of the wet wrap therapy process for children.

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