​Vitamin D Minimizes Winter-related Eczema

​Vitamin D Minimizes Winter-related Eczema

Anne Fairchild McVey

Vitamin D Minimizes Winter-related Eczema in Children.

Many individuals and children find that winter can increase their symptoms of eczema. The dry, cold air lacks humidity and increases cracks and redness. It also makes treating eczema more challenging. Applying an eczema emollient after a warm shower or bath can really help with winter eczema. New research suggests taking a Vitamin D supplement can also help with winter-related eczema. Winter can be a tough time for eczema sufferers.

Research findings that were published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology found that eczema improved when children were given a daily Vitamin D supplement.

The scientists studied 2-17 year olds after regular Vitamin D supplementation and compared the group to another group that only received a placebo.

This study found that the group that received a Vitamin D supplement reported that their eczema improved significantly.

Other research has found that individuals that suffer from eczema have low levels of Vitamin D when their blood is tested. These researchers suggest that anyone who suffers from winter-related eczema should take a Vitamin D supplement.

Stop by your local pharmacy and talk to the pharmacist about Vitamin D drops and the proper dosing. It is a quick, easy, and safe way to minimize your winter-related eczema.

The researchers attributed the improvement to Vitamin D’s immune-enhancing attributes. Testing for Vitamin D can be expensive, but taking a Vitamin D supplement is an inexpensive, safe way to treat eczema.

Below is a very safe Vitamin D drop for babies. Carlson’s is absent of extra chemicals or fillers and is available at most health food stores.

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Also, don’t forget that daily skin care is a must in the winter and it is also quick and simple. Below is an easy to follow diagram for daily skin maintenance. You can apply  eczema clothing dry over an eczema emollient or apply the eczema clothing damp under a dry layer for wet wrap therapy. Applying wet wraps can decrease eczema by 71%.

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