​Vitamin D Helps Man Overcome Crippling Eczema

​Vitamin D Helps Man Overcome Crippling Eczema

Jennie Lyon

Vitamin D Helps Man Overcome Crippling Eczema

Lately, it seems that articles highlighting the struggles of people with eczema have been appearing in the news more frequently. This is welcome news, as articles like these can help spread information about the condition and show people that there is no stigma attached to eczema. Here is one of the most interesting personal stories that we’ve come across in recent weeks:

Rahul Sharma’s experience with eczema is one that many of our visitors can probably sympathize with. When he was a child, he was hospitalized multiple times because of the severity of his eczema. Although, as a child gets older, eczema symptoms tend to lessen or go away entirely, they did not for Rahul. As a teenager and adult, he continued to have painful, itchy skin that drastically impacted his quality of life. To make matters worse, like with many eczema sufferers, he also had asthma. When one would flare up, the other would as well. Both conditions started to take a toll on his mental health, and he developed depression. From oral drugs, to ointments, to homeopathic remedies, nothing seemed to calm any of his conditions or symptoms.

The article says that his life changed when a therapist suggested that he get his vitamin D levels checked out. It turned out that he had a severe deficiency. After experimenting with the dosage of Vitamin D supplements, Rahul was astonished to find his eczema symptoms started to clear. As his skin improved, so did his mental health. This spurred him to start exploring other possible eczema triggers, such as his laundry detergent and cleaning products. He cut out wheat, gluten, refined sugars, and alcohol from his diet. Today, because of these life changes, his eczema and asthma symptoms are completely under control.

We should point out that, although a vitamin D deficiency is a possible trigger, this does not mean that everyone shares it. Everyone has different eczema triggers, but there is absolutely no harm in checking this out. Vitamin D plays a huge role in how our body regulates our immune systems and skin barrier functions. Studies have shown that low amounts can also cause symptoms of depression and exacerbate asthma.

Personally, this article makes me feel quite hopeful. It is incredible that, for the first time in his life, Rahul is living without cracked and itchy skin. Although his success with vitamin D might not be universal, his experiments with his diet and surrounding environment could be. If you or someone you love is suffering from eczema, try switching to hypoallergenic products and cut some foods from your diet. You might just notice a turnaround on par with Rahul’s!


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