​Untangling the Relationship Between Food Allergies and Eczema

​Untangling the Relationship Between Food Allergies and Eczema

Jennie Lyon

Untangling the Relationship Between Food Allergies and Eczema

Food allergies are common in children with eczema, but it can be difficult to isolate the specific allergen. It’s an ongoing challenge that has been a cause of frustration for parents for a long time. The obstacles begin with the food tests themselves, which historically haven’t been very accurate. However, that’s beginning to change.

New studies are beginning to uncover improved allergy-testing capabilities. Children who had been tested for allergies as babies, when tested again, are having successful predictions of allergies the second time around. Apparently, food allergies are not as common as we had assumed. In one test, only 15.9% of infants with eczema developed at least 1 food allergy. In this group, peanut was the most common allergy at 6.6%. Cow’s milk followed at 4.3%, and then egg white at 3.9%.

These findings are quite surprising, as most of us would have assumed the results to be much higher. It may be time for us to reconsider past assumptions about food allergies and eczema. We’ll be watching for more studies and information on this subject as it becomes available. We will share that information with you as soon as we have it!