Understanding the Beginning Symptoms of Eczema

Understanding the Beginning Symptoms of Eczema

Lana Lindstrom

Eczema can be tricky to recognize, especially if you are getting it as a teenager or adult. As we have heard many times, the earlier you catch something the better. These tips will help you detect the early signs and symptoms of eczema to relieve pain and get you started on the best treatment plan.

Itching will likely be the first recognizable symptom of eczema. The itch is caused by free nerve cells irritating the top layer of skin, the epididymis. Furthermore, the skin can get irritated by other eczema symptoms like dry skin or redness, making the sensation stronger. When the itch starts, resist for as long as you can. Itching directly on eczema scars will make symptoms worse and could cause bleeding and scarring.

How can we stop that itch before it gets worse?

Cool the affected area. Ice packs can be a great way to cool down, especially in the summer. The ice pack will numb the affected area and relieve the itch. Even better, slip on some eczema sleeves that are dipped in cold water.

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If you just can’t seem to stop the itch, stop the fingernails from piercing the skin. Trim your fingernails. Eczema gloves are the perfect solution and are available for purchase at AD RescueWear. The gloves stay in place and can be used in addition to a thick eczema emollient to relieve dry skin and itchiness. The gloves are made from 100% biodegradable bamboo and can be purchased here. The eczema emollient can be found here.

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Skin dryness is also be an early symptom of eczema. Any adult or child can suffer from dry skin on a daily basis with no eczema, so it is important to know the difference. To tell the difference between normal dry skin and eczema look for changes in coloring of the skin. Pink or red patches of dry skin are common with eczema. When other symptoms arise, in addition to dry skin, such as redness, itchiness, patchiness, or scaling contact your dermatologist to get a better understanding of your eczema or other skin condition.

Eczema has typically been the itch that rashes, and difficult to identify until the itch gets to be too much. The chronic and inflammatory condition can cause severe pain and discomfort. As soon as the itch or dryness begins to bother you, take a closer look at the rash to get a head start on possible eczema treatment to be on your way to a healthier lifestyle. 

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