Tips for Minimizing Discomfort Due to Eczema Elbow

Tips for Minimizing Discomfort Due to Eczema Elbow

Jennie Lyon

Tips for Minimizing Discomfort Due to Eczema Elbow

Although eczema can strike all over the body, it can be especially frustrating when it hits the inside of the elbow. Not only is the skin here very thin, it is also constantly moving as you move and bend your arm. This further irritates the skin and makes it even more difficult to heal. Skin touching skin is an area where many suffer from eczema. Here are a few tips on how to help the elbow skin recover while minimizing discomfort:

  • Avoid Long Sleeves & External Irritants

For many people, the most common eczema triggers are the irritants you have to put on every morning—clothes. Friction from non-eczema friendly fabrics can cause irritation that can trigger eczema attacks or exacerbate existing ones. If you are wearing fabrics that are easy on the skin, it might actually be the detergent you use to wash your clothes. Eczema sufferers often have many allergies that can trigger eczema outbreaks on contact. If you do have bad eczema on your elbows, the best thing to do would be to wear short sleeves whenever possible. This obviously won’t be an option when it is cold outside, but when inside, try to stick with a t-shirt or short sleeves.

  • Avoid Excess Sweating

When we sweat, our bodies release moisture through our sweat glands to cool us off. It works great for most people, but not necessarily for people with eczema. This release of moisture dries the skin while the sodium in the sweat dehydrates the skin and can irritate existing eczema. At our joints, like our elbows, we tend to sweat more causing even more irritation. We unfortunately can’t stop our bodies from sweating! But try to keep those areas somewhat free of sweat, avoid getting too hot, and try to find a healthy balance between exercise and sweating. Make sure to always rinse off after sweating.

  • Use a Skin Protectant

This is an excellent idea for eczema sufferers overall, but it can especially work in delicate areas like the inside of your elbow. Specialized ointments can help keep moisture inside the skin, while simultaneously soothing it. Make sure that yours is free of any common chemical irritants or allergy triggers like perfumes. We personally recommend Vaniply, as it works exceptionally well with Tencel® eczema arm wraps.

  • Wet Wrap Therapy Arm Sleeves

Wet wrap therapy has been a lifesaver for many young eczema suffers. After a bath, the skin is patted dry and moisture is sealed in with medications and ointments. Then a layer of damp eczema sleeves are put on followed by a layer of dry clothes. In the summer or for warmer weather, the damp eczema sleeves do not need an outer layer.  The Wrap-E-Soothe eczema sleeves are perfect to help with eczema at the elbow joints. They are specially designed for children, using Tencel® fabric. Tencel® is a natural, incredibly soft fabric that has anti-itch properties and helps inhibit bacterial growth. For more information about Wet Wrap Therapy, just click!