Tips for an Ideal Bleach Bath

Tips for an Ideal Bleach Bath

Lana Lindstrom

Bleach baths have been recommended by dermatologists to alleviate eczema symptoms for years. This does not come without controversy whether or not bleach baths are safe for children and adults with eczema. When used in proper water-to-bleach ratio, bleach baths are very safe and effective at preventing skin infections. Bleach baths were accepted as an approximate treatment for atopic dermatitis in 2009 as a way to kill bacteria. Don't let the word "bleach" scare you off. Beach baths are similar to a chlorine swimming pool. They are a very cost effective way of treating eczema to reduce symptoms and flares. See instructions below for an ideal and safe bleach bath.

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Prior to getting in the bleach bath

  • Mix bleach with water at least 5-10 minutes BEFORE entering.
  • General rule of thumb is ¼ cup of bleach per ½ tub of water. Make sure not to use powerful bleach with fragrances or dyes.
  • Be careful with the amount of bleach you put into the bath. Too little will not impact eczema symptoms and too much may cause dry skin or even burns.


  • Stay in the bath for no longer than 10 minutes. Avoid staying in the bath longer, as it will dry out your skin.
  • Do not fully submerge in the water. Keep your head above the water at all times. For best results, target specific areas where your eczema is more severe.


  • Rinse off with warm, clean water with a plastic pitcher or a quick shower.
  • Immediately moisturize!! This is the most important step. Use a thick moisturizer such as Vaniply ointment sold at AD Rescuewear. This emollient is dermatologist tested and free from harmful chemicals or fragrances and can be found here.
  • After applying a thick moisturizer, consider eczema clothing to lock in the moisture and prevent itching. Zinc, dye and chemical FREE eczema clothing can be found here.
  • Remember to only take bleach baths 1-2 times per week to maintain your natural skin moisture.

Bleach baths are not for everyone, consult with your doctor before trying. 

Below is a simple diagram for bleach baths.

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