The Worst Places to Get an Eczema Flare Up

The Worst Places to Get an Eczema Flare Up

Jennie Lyon

You know that sinking feeling when you realize that you are about to get a major eczema flare up? You barely even notice it at first. You could be getting ready for bed and find a tiny bit of dry skin on the side of your foot. Or you could be getting ready for work and see a little spot of red skin on your face. It might not be annoying or painful yet, but you know what is to come: a full-blown eczema flare up. This can especially be stressful when you find that little sign on the worst, most painful, or visible places to get eczema.


Many people dread getting an eczema flare up on their face because it is one of the most visible places on the body. If you get a bad flare up on your face, you might feel like everyone is looking at you. You may have seen quizzical looks on the faces of strangers when you have an eczema flare up on your face, like they are trying to figure out what is “wrong”.

For facial eczema, wet wrap therapy isn't really possible (unless you want to go the full “mummy”). If you see the beginnings of a flare up, you might be able to use a steroidal cream to calm it before it erupts. Just make sure that you don't use too much, as too often this can lead to red skin syndrome.


Getting eczema on your hands can be a nightmare, especially if you have a job that requires any kind of writing or data input. The constant movement of fingers can exacerbate a case of eczema, as the damaged skin will constantly be moving, stretching, and shifting.

Thankfully, we have Eczema Gloves for wet wrap therapy, for both eczema children and adults. With these incredibly soft gloves, you can lock moisture into your hands overnight, giving them a chance to heal and recover. You can even wear the gloves throughout the day, in an altered form of wet wrap therapy called dry wrap therapy.


Getting eczema on your feet can simply be a nightmare if you need to leave the house. Wrapping painfully irritated, itchy feet in socks and shoes can make for an uncomfortable walk. They can sweat and rub inside your shoes, becoming even more irritated.

Our advice would be to try our Eczema Socks, for eczema children and adults. Applying a layer of moisturizer or eczema-safe ointment to them prior to putting these socks on can help maintain skin moisture throughout the day. Instead of shoes or sneakers, try to pick footwear that is looser, such as sandals or even Crocks. If you have to wear shoes for work, take them off when your feet are under your desk, or whenever appropriate.


Like the hands, the joints are an area of the body where the skin is constantly in movement. The skin inside the joints is also some of the thinnest of the body. This means that stretching this skin with every stride or outstretched arm can be painful and further irritate your flare up.

Our Eczema Sleeves, made for both eczema children and adults, can help. They tightly fit to your body, making sure that the incredibly soft fabric is always in contact with your skin. Apply an eczema-safe moisturizer to your skin prior to putting the sleeves on can really help your comfort level throughout the day.

Intimate Areas

I don't think we need to elaborate why having an eczema flareup near more intimate areas can cause extreme discomfort, both physical and emotional.

Although we do not sell eczema underwear (yet), our full Eczema Rescue Suit or Eczema Bottoms for eczema children can help relieve discomfort in this area for them. For adults, make sure you are wearing a highly breathable fabric, like cotton, that won't further irritate the skin. Applying an eczema-safe ointment before bed, and before you leave your home in the morning, can also help.

OK, let’s face it, eczema isn’t a picnic no matter where you develop it. Thankfully, with the help of Eczema Clothing, you can help treat most of the sensitive areas on your body and give your skin a chance to heal throughout the night and during the day. Just mix some wet wrap therapy, dry wrap therapy, and Eczema Rescue Clothing and you will be able to calm your skin and help prevent any further damage.