The Story Behind AD RescueWear Eczema Clothing

The Story Behind AD RescueWear Eczema Clothing

Beth Scott

Beth Scott, Founder of AD RescueWear, Talks Child Eczema and Why AD RescueWear Was Born.

Why I Started AD RescueWear

Eczema with a Young Child

So many of the customers we talk to sound just like I did when my son Harrison was diagnosed with eczema at age 4 months. They are desperate to help their baby or child to stop itching - it's maddening - why can't it just go away! Just like I was, they aren't getting any sleep or taking photos of their cute baby because of the red rash covering their face, hands and feet.

I have such empathy for these parents because I live with eczema too. Before Harrison was born, I had minimal knowledge of eczema. My older son had some rough patches and we fixed it right up with some Vanicream - end of story. But my second son Harrison was different. Almost overnight he developed this "condition". I picked him up for a feeding one night and his head was sticky. I turned on the light and to my horror his head and arms were covered with blood! What was happening?

Failed Treatments – The Eczema Rash Gets Worse

I took him to the pediatrician the next day and they prescribed an antifungal. It didn't work. I took him to a dermatologist who gave us an over the counter steroid. That didn't work. Just more scratching and Harrison and I were both losing it. It got so bad his face constantly had scratches and was red and bleeding. I put socks on his hands to prevent him from scratching but somehow he managed to get them off. And then his body became covered in a bumpy red rash. As nothing else was working I decided to take him to an allergist friend of mine. Dr. Ebadi diagnosed him with a full body staph infection caused guessed it! Eczema.

Eczema – Wet Wrap Therapy The Old Fashioned Way - Amazing Relief but Crazy Process

Dr. Ebadi immediately drew a sketch of what Harrison's skin barrier looked like under a microscope. Tiny cracks in the skin caused by a filagrin deficiency that needed to be healed. This would make him stop itching but we would have to keep up with daily skin maintenance. It wasn't going to just go away. We were then instructed in wet wrap therapy for eczema - the necessary treatment to stop the madness.

I had to soak Harrison in a lukewarm tub then after toweling off, put on prescription steroid cream then dress him in damp pajamas with wet tube socks over his hands and arms. Lastly, I was told to put dry pajamas and socks over the wet garments.

This cumbersome procedure was complicated by needing to make sure that the pajamas did not have color/dyes as I wasn't sure how he would react to wet fabric dye. I found an organic cotton pj that had minimal color. Then I searched my husband's drawers for suitable tube socks...none were found so he would be making a trip the store after work.

Once we had the supplies, I did my best at this make shift wet wrap treatment with my three-year-old son assisting. Harrison screamed and wriggled and the cotton pjs were baggy and ill fitting. I felt sad. He started ripping off the socks from his hands. I called our doctor who said some people duct tape the socks to the pj's. I felt sadder. But that night he slept and the next morning his skin was so much better!

What Was the Alternative? There Had to Be a Better Way to Treat Baby Eczema

I called my doctor again – did they have special suits made for this wet wrap treatment? Did they have something with hand covers to eliminate the socks? What about flat seams so the seams don't scratch the child? Did they have anything without dyes and in a natural soft fabric that's more lightweight and form fitting?

Dr. Ebadi was unaware of wet wrap garments. I searched during the day while Harrison slept and I couldn't find exactly what I needed. So I decided to invent it myself. That was four years ago. Since then, we have developed the Wrap-E-Soothe suit, Wrap-E-Soothe tops and bottoms and Wrap-E-Soothe sleeves. These products have helped thousands of parents just like me – desperate to relieve their child’s miserable eczema.

Please feel free to e-mail or contact me at AD RescueWear ( with any feedback on our products or your eczema stories. Know that you are not alone in the fight to help children beat stubborn eczema.