​The Holiday Season, Gratitude, and Eczema

​The Holiday Season, Gratitude, and Eczema

Jennie Lyon

The Holiday Season, Gratitude, and Eczema

A while ago we posted a blog about how to express gratitude when you have severe eczema. In the spirit of the holidays, we felt that another post about gratitude would be appropriate but this one focuses on how it helps you cope with your eczema and life in general.

Understandably, it is difficult to express gratitude when you or someone you love is suffering from eczema. Nothing can ruin a joyous event such as the holiday season faster than a bad eczema flare-up. Even after taking the highest precautions for your children, such as wet wrap therapy and an Eczema Rescue Suit, a flare-up at the height of the holiday season is still possible. While seeing your child opening presents is one of the most heartwarming experiences a parent can have, seeing them struggling with a bad eczema flare-up at the same time can be heartbreaking. In these circumstances, gratitude may be hard to grasp.

Gratitude, however, goes far beyond your own feelings. It impacts other people in your life. Unknowingly, we tend to suppress our emotions, thinking, “Oh, I don’t need to tell that person how much they mean to me. They already know.” That might be true, but try telling them sometime. You will be surprised to see the light in their eyes when they hear it. Telling loved ones how much you care for them inevitably reflects back to you. Just try it sometime. If you have a partner who helps you cope with your eczema, honestly tell them how much that means to you. One moment of heartfelt honesty could be worth more than every present under the tree.

Expressing gratitude also allows us to get rid of bottled up thoughts and feelings. We not only suppress negative feelings like anger or resentment, we also tamp down positive emotions such as love, gratefulness, and contentment. Expressing gratitude helps us release those feelings and increase our level of happiness overall.

Speaking of gratitude, we would like to express our gratitude for each and every one of our readers, customers, and friends. You give our cause meaning, and we will strive in 2019 to continue to offer the best eczema-related products available. Thank you from AD RescueWear and have a wonderful holiday season!

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