​The Best Pets for Eczema Sufferers

​The Best Pets for Eczema Sufferers

Jennie Lyon

The Best Pets for Eczema Sufferers

It’s a pretty sure bet that, at some point in their young lives, a kid will want to have a pet. A pet provides companionship and love. Pets can be a wonderful learning experience for any child. The problem is that the vast majority of pets can also be triggers for eczema flare-ups. If your child is having constant flare-ups, it might be an excellent idea to remove your pet from your home for a week or two. Mightily clean everything, and then see if your child’s eczema gets better. If it does, you, unfortunately, may have found a trigger. We have talked about pets in prior blog posts, but in this one, we are going to take a look at some of the most popular pets and see which are the best for an eczema sufferer. Keep in mind that just because your child has eczema, doesn’t mean that they have a sensitivity to the animals on this list. Every case of eczema is different and can come with different triggers. Do some personalized research to figure out which of these pets could be right for you.


Well, right off the bat we can tell you that a cat is probably a very poor choice of pet for an eczema sufferer. Their dander, fur, saliva, and even waste products can act as eczema triggers. Although different breeds might produce different reactions, cats are, on the whole, probably out as a potential furry friend.


The old saying “man’s best friend” might actually be true when it comes to eczema sufferers. Some studies have shown that babies who grow up in a household with a dog are less likely to develop eczema than ones who aren’t. This doesn’t mean a dog can’t be an eczema trigger. Just like with cats, their fur and saliva can trigger both eczema and allergies.


These small creatures have always made for popular pets. They don’t take up much space and their relatively small size means that any potential allergic reactions likely won’t be as bad as with cats and dogs. Again, this doesn’t mean that they won’t cause a flare-up. Most pets with fur and saliva are not an eczema sufferer’s friends. If you have a child, a small creature like this might be a potential pet, but you might end up having to be the one who cares for it.


Here’s the first pet on the list that is almost guaranteed not to trigger an eczema flare-up. They don’t produce dander, have no fur, and since they are in water, there is little physical contact possible. This, of course, is also the problem with a pet fish. It tends to be a rather passive relationship. You look at the fish, the fish looks at you, and that is about the extent of the interaction. That being said, if your child is looking for an animal to care for, a pet fish could be the answer.


I imagine that many of the people reading this blog just jumped up and ran out of the room in fear upon mentioning reptiles like lizards or snakes. The reality is that they can make for absolutely fantastic pets for eczema sufferers. They are quiet, low maintenance, can show affection, and produce no potentially allergy or eczema-triggering protein. The only problem is that some people are afraid of them. If you are, no harm, no foul. If you aren’t, then this might just be the pet for you!

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