TENCEL® Fiber: Ultimate Itch Relieving Softness for Eczema and Wet and Dry Wrapping

TENCEL® Fiber: Ultimate Itch Relieving Softness for Eczema and Wet and Dry Wrapping

Anne McVey and Elizabeth Scott

Wet and Dry wrap therapy for eczema have been around for decades, pioneered and practiced by the doctors and nurses at National Jewish Health in Denver, Colorado.  Wet wrapping adds intense moisture and dry wrapping is a way to seal in emollients. You many not have heard of wet and dry wrapping until recently. But the benefits, along with a comprehensive skin care routine, can really make a difference in eczema skin  If you're looking for a non-toxic, non-drug way to add moisture into the skin this is it. Wet wrapping or the “Soak and Seal” technique, is the gold standard for putting moisture back into inflamed, dry, cracked eczema skin.

While it’s conventionally been done using cotton tube socks, gauze and cotton wet pajamas, AD RescueWear was invented to make the process easier and more comfortable. The fabric we use for our garments is made with TENCEL® and we added a small amount of Spandex® for stretch, so they’re easy to use and fit close to the skin. In this blog, we’ll talk more about why we chose TENCEL® for our Wrap-E-SootheTM wet and dry wrap garments.

TENCEL® fiber is a botanic fiber made from regenerated wood pulp – also called Lyocell. The process to make TENCEL® is one of the eco-friendliest. In addition, AD RescueWear does not add any colored dyes to our fabric.

In studies by Lenzing, the company that manufactures the TENCEL® fiber, bacteria growth is slowed on fabric made with TENCEL® compared to other fibers. It’s important to note, bacteria on the skin or fabric is not killed. There are no anti-microbials added to our fabric.

Wet wrap therapy has been found to increase moisture, stop the itch, and bring down inflammation.  Many report seeing a huge change overnight. An added beneficial feature of TENCEL® for wet wrapping is its ability to hold water. TENCEL® fibers hold 50% more moisture than cotton. 

Another big reason we love this fabric is it's softness! Even after being wet and drying out, it still feels soft. When you or your child has eczema, top on your list are comfort, relief from itch, and increased quality of life. The Wrap-E-SootheTM products are made with a blend of TENCEL® for these reasons. For more information on the benefits of wet and dry wrapping please visit our website,