Synbiotics Can Help Your Eczema.

Synbiotics Can Help Your Eczema.

Jennie Lyon

What are Synbiotics and How Do They Help Eczema?

Synbiotics is a name for a combination of probiotics and prebiotics in the form of nutritional supplements. When the probiotics and prebiotics are combined they have a greater impact than when taken alone. A new study in the journal JAMA Pediatrics published on January 25th is showing that synbiotics can prevent and treat eczema.

We’ve included a few blog posts recently about probiotics, but prebiotics are also very important. This study stresses the value of combining their use because synbiotics include live bacteria and can actually increase your gut’s good bacteria 100 fold. The good bacteria take up residence in the large intestine, modifying the intestinal organisms and resulting in many health benefits. Neither prebiotics nor probiotics are drugs. They are simply good bacteria promoting natural substances. With so many children suffering from eczema, any clues as to how to prevent, treat, and ideally cure eczema is a priority, and the good bacteria is helpful in this process.

The point of the study was to determine whether or not synbiotics, which are used to promote gut health, really do help in the prevention of eczema and other allergic conditions. One of the reasons that eczema is so common is that it may be associated with the gut’s gastrointestinal microbiota being more susceptible to allergic disease.

The results of the study showed a mix of strains of bacteria need to be used for children 1 year old or older in order to be effective. This reduced the risk of developing atopic dermatitis (eczema) by 54%. The study definitely supports the use of synbiotics with mixed strains of bacteria.