Successfully Treat Eczema in Problem Areas - Elbows and Behind the Knees.

Successfully Treat Eczema in Problem Areas - Elbows and Behind the Knees.

Anne Fairchild McVey

Problem Area Eczema is Easy to Treat with New Eczema Treatment Sleeves.

Many children suffer from full body eczema but others just have eczema that lingers in the common problem areas - the elbows and behind the knees.  This type of eczema can be stubborn and parents worry about applying topical steroids constantly because of the known side effects.  These problem areas can cause constant itching and scratching which can make it hard for the child to get a good night's rest or concentrate at school or at home during homework.  Below is an easy trick for treating stubborn eczema in these problem areas.

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New to the market are eco-friendly eczema treatment sleeves that cut the need for topical steroids and stop the itch during treatment.  These eczema sleeves can be applied over an emollient after a warm bath.  Apply dry for mild to moderate eczema and apply damp for moderate to severe eczema.  The fabric is made of TENCEL® which is proven to be superior for eczema.  TENCEL® is more absorbent that cotton, smoother than silk and cooler than linen.  It also greatly inhibits the growth of bacteria on the fabric. 

The process of using these eczema treatment sleeves is simple and fast.  Below are the instructions:

1. Bathe or shower with warm water.  Make sure to use a cleanser approved by the National Eczema Association

2. Pat skin dry with a clean towel.  Do not rub the eczema, just pat it dry.

3. Liberally apply an eczema emollient such as Vaniply to the eczema.

4. Wet the eczema treatment sleeves in warm water and gently wring out excess water.

5. Slip the eczema treatment sleeve onto the problem area.

6. Enjoy eczema relief.

Done correctly, wrapping eczema can decrease eczema symptoms by 75%.  If your child's eczema is stubborn, start by applying the sleeves damp then switch to applying the sleeves dry. The damp sleeves over the eczema emollient gives intense moisture to the dry, cracked skin and provides itch relief during this treatment. For more information on eczema treatment sleeves and eczema emollients visit For parent and doctor reviews of these eczema treatment sleeves visit

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