Stubborn Hand Eczema - AD RescueWear to the Rescue!

Stubborn Hand Eczema - AD RescueWear to the Rescue!

Anne Fairchild McVey

Finally, Stubborn Hand Eczema Has Met Its Match.

My oldest daughter battles hand eczema. We live in the Midwest and the hand eczema starts to appear the minute we turn on the furnace. In years past, it has been a battle to keep the red, scaly, itchy and sometimes painful hand eczema at bay. But now, we can easily manage her hand eczema if we are diligent with the Eczema Treatment Gloves from AD RescueWear over Vaniply Ointment. We apply the Vaniply and eczema gloves nightly before bed. If we skip a night, especially if the weather is extremely cold and dry, the hand eczema can start again. We can keep the skin on her hands healthy if the gloves and ointment become a nightly routine. We bring the ointment and gloves when we travel so we don’t skip a night. I also keep hand lotion in her backpack, ballet bag and in my purse. I try and get her to apply hand lotion after she washes her hands and uses hand sanitizer. I don’t think she is very consistent with the hand lotion, but if I’m consistent with the eczema gloves and Vaniply, I can keep her hand eczema under control.

Hand eczema is visible to everyone so it can be embarrassing, especially for a child. It’s also tough to control with frequent hand washing which is absolutely necessary during flu season. I’m so happy to have the Eczema Treatment Gloves from AD RescueWear. They are made out of Bamboo and are super soft and durable. They withstand many washing. My current pair is 2 years old! I wash them in a gentle wash laundry bag and lay them flat to dry. Below you can see a photo of her hands before bed.  I also have before and after photos so you can see how fast the treatment works.

Hand Eczema Day 1 (Ouch)

Hand Eczema Day 2 (So Much Better)

No Hand Eczema Day 3 (Now It's All About Maintenance)

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