Steroid FREE Itch Relief for Eczema

Steroid FREE Itch Relief for Eczema

Lana Lindstrom

Itchy skin can be the most frustrating symptom of eczema. Learning how to combat itchiness can help you live a healthier and happier life. It can also decrease feelings of hopelessness. Here are a few simple tips to be itch free without steroids.

Itchiness from eczema is different than itchiness from a bug bite or other common irritants. That is why common anti-itch creams do not work for eczema. Remember to avoid scratching as much as possible. Scratching can cause eczema to flare, making symptoms worse and cause infection. A healthy bathing and moisturizing routine is a must with eczema and will reduce the itch. Your eczema skin care routine should be done at bedtime to promote better sleep. See our link below for the best way to have a skin care routine with eczema by bathing.

Below are 4 methods to alleviate the eczema itch without steroids.

Wrapping Eczema

Dry wrapping and wet wrapping eczema is the best way to decrease itching. Studies report a decrease in eczema symptoms by 71% with just one treatment. Make sure to use dye, zinc and chemical free eczema wraps made of tencel® fabric. Simply take a lukewarm bath or shower, then apply an eczema cream or emollient while the skin is still damp, then apply the eczema wraps. For wet wrapping, place the eczema wrap in warm water, wring out all excess moisture and apply over the eczema emollient. This is best done at bedtime to help with nighttime itchiness.

Eczema Sheets, Eczema Wraps, Eczema Socks and Eczema Clothing

Eczema Gloves

Eczema gloves can be a great solution for your inflammation and itchiness. Not only do eczema gloves treat hand eczema, they can also remind you not to scratch. For best results, use the gloves after applying an eczema emollient. Biodegradable bamboo gloves free of dyes will be most effective; you can find adult sizes here and children’s sizes here.

Cooling Compress

Itchy skin can sometimes feel warm or hot, applying a cold washcloth or towel to the affected area can offer relief. You can also use an ice pack or bag of frozen vegetables for a more intense sensation. Make sure to use a thick moisturizer afterwards. Or simply place your eczema wraps in the refrigerator and apply when cold to itchy eczema. Eczema sleeves for arms and legs can easily be applied from the refrigerator for immediate relief of itchy eczema.

Eczema sleeves for kids and adults



Stress and anxiety are very common eczema triggers and can make the urge to itch even stronger. Exercise can be a great way to relieve stress and a distraction from itching. Be sure to rinse off immediately after exercise as the salt in sweat can be irritating and apply an eczema emollient.  

Baths for Eczema

Bathing can relieve stress and there are several baths that are wonderful for eczema and greatly reduce inflammation and itching. Read this article on different baths to relieve itching and inflammation

For more information on eczema clothing and their benefits, check out this article. 

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