Sleepovers and Eczema Children

Sleepovers and Eczema Children

Jennie Lyon

Sleepovers are a rite of passage for children. Odds are that you yourself have fond memories of sleepovers with your friends when you were young. Normally this doesn’t present a problem, but if you have an eczema child with multiple eczema triggers, sleepovers can present some challenges. Here are some things to keep in mind when your eczema child asks you if they can have a sleepover with their friends:

If At All Possible, Host the Sleepover

The nice thing about having the sleepover at your home is that you control the environment. You know that it is an eczema-safe space for your eczema child, and therefore you don’t have to worry about any possible triggers. You will also be there to properly administer Wet Wrap Therapy if your eczema child doesn’t yet do it themself. If they are old enough to have a sleepover, they are probably too old for an Eczema Rescue Suit to fit. That’s why we also offer Eczema Tops and Bottoms that will do the same job for older children.

If you are hosting the sleepover, make sure that all of your eczema child’s friends know the rules of the house. They shouldn’t use any soaps that aren’t already there, don’t take any foods with known eczema triggers with them, and give them a heads up about Wet Wrap Therapy so they aren’t confused when your eczema child comes in wearing Eczema Clothing before bed.

If You Can’t Host, Prepare a Skincare Kit

If you feel that you can safely let your eczema child go on a sleepover, make sure they are prepared with all of the essentials. They need an eczema-safe cleanser to wash their hands, any medicated ointments that they use for flare ups, an eczema-safe ointment that will help moisturize their skin, and, of course, whatever piece of Eczema Clothing they use for Wet Wrap Therapy, such as Eczema Gloves or Eczema Socks.

Provide Your Own Bedding/Sleeping Bag

Laundry detergent residue can be a powerful eczema trigger. That is why you should make sure that you sent them off with bedding, pillows, and a sleeping bag that have been safely washed in eczema-safe laundry detergent.

Confirm Your Child Knows How to Apply Wet Wrap Therapy

If your child is old enough to go on a sleepover, they are probably old enough to know how to do their own Wet Wrap Therapy. If you still do it for them every night, this might be a good opportunity to give them ownership over their own eczema care. Before a sleepover, make sure that they know how long and warm a bath to take, the amount of eczema-safe ointment to use, and how damp they should make their Eczema Wrap before putting it on.

Contact the Parents That Are Hosting

If your eczema child is going to a home where no one suffers from eczema, make sure that the parents know about the condition and how it works. Inform them that your eczema child knows how to take care of any potential flare ups. Learn if there are any potential triggers or allergens in their home, such as; cigarette smoke or harsh chemical cleaners. Finally, confirm that everyone has all necessary contact numbers in case of an emergency.

Be Prepared to Say No If It Isn’t Safe

If your eczema child wants to have a sleepover, but they are in the middle of a severe flare up or they will be going into an environment that you categorically know is unsafe for them, you are going to have to tell them no. Explain your reasoning and make sure that they know that there will be another chance of a sleepover in the future once their flare up has settled down. They might be upset by your refusal, but that is far better than the alternative.

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