Should We Have Children if We Sufferer from Eczema

Should We Have Children if We Sufferer from Eczema

Jennie Lyon

For the vast majority of eczema sufferers, of course you should!

When one or both parents suffer from a hereditary condition like eczema, it might give them pause about having children, as there is a chance that they will pass the condition along to them. If it is just a mild case of eczema, that shouldn’t really be an issue. Most forms of eczema are extremely common and, although annoying, are in no way life threatening. 

Most of the time, an eczema baby or eczema child grow out of their eczema as they get older. For many parents and eczema children, the condition is a temporary annoyance rather than a daily struggle.

If, however, you suffered from severe eczema as a child or adult that drastically impacted your quality of life, you might be somewhat reluctant to pass those genes along to the next generation if it means that they will have to go through a similar ordeal. For some people, eczema is much more than an inconvenient and uncomfortable skin condition. It can be debilitatingly painful and can make life miserable, if they suffer from a severe form of it.

So, under these conditions, should you still have a child? That is completely your decision, but there are a few things you should keep in mind for the future.

After years of stagnation in the research department, eczema treatments are on the verge of a number of breakthroughs that could eliminate, or at least greatly improve, the condition. Two new drugs (Dupilumab and Crisaborole) will soon be released for eczema treatment, one for mild eczema and one for severe eczema. There has also been steady progress in discovering the root causes of eczema. With these developments, eczema treatment is expected to make a huge leap in the near future.

And then, of course, we have Wet Wrap Therapy. This treatment has greatly improved the quality of life for both eczema children and adults. Our line of Eczema Clothing, such as our Eczema Rescue Suits and Eczema Gloves, have made Wet Wrap Therapy easier than ever. All you need to do is give your eczema child a lukewarm bath prior to bedtime, dry them off, apply an eczema-safe ointment, and then put them in a damp Eczema Rescue Suit. This will keep their skin moisturised and protected for the entire night, giving them a chance to heal from a bad eczema flare up.

With so many new eczema treatments on the horizon, and Wet Wrap Therapy providing a natural, alternative treatment method, our response to “Should you have a child if you suffer from eczema” is the same as the one we said in the opening paragraph: Of course!