Self-Consciousness Feelings in Eczema Children

Self-Consciousness Feelings in Eczema Children

Jennie Lyon

Anyone who thinks that all children are carefree obviously isn’t paying attention.

Children go through all of the same emotional ups and downs as adults, sometimes even to bigger degrees. School isn’t an easy environment to be in, with stresses both large and small. If you have an eczema child, these stresses can be even greater. Not only do they need to deal with the itch and discomfort of eczema, they may also need to deal with constant bullying from other children, especially if their eczema is visible. It’s easy to say “Well, that is just because they are kids and don’t know any better” but that’s the easy way out. If you suffer from eczema in your personal life, you probably know the discomfort of having random strangers look at you with suspicion on the subway. It’s the exact same thing at school, except that children are more likely to say something. 

So, how can you help your eczema children learn to deal with this extra burden on top of their already existing physical condition?

First, you need to teach them that there is absolutely nothing wrong with them. Kids are a sponge, and if a bully on the schoolyard yells “Ew, what’s wrong with you?”, they may absorb that without even meaning to. Make sure that your kids know exactly what eczema is, why it happens, and how it is completely natural and normal. Go online and show them photos of other kids and adults who suffer from eczema. If you also suffer from eczema, make sure that your children know that. In your own home, make eczema a completely stigma-free condition and teach them that is just the way their skin is, no different from anyone else.

If the bullying in school is really bad, you may have to get their teacher involved. Even before the school year begins, your eczema child’s teacher should be completely aware that they suffer from eczema. If they suffer from severe eczema, the teacher should be briefed on everything from eczema treatments to knowing specifics about why they are possibly wearing Eczema Clothing in class. The more a teacher knows about eczema, the better they can defuse any situations that may arise with bullies in class.

If the situation continues to escalate, it might be necessary to bring it to the attention of the school principal. Bullying is a major problem in schools across America, and there are many guidelines put into place to help resolve situations such as these. Perhaps the bully’s parents will need to be brought in to be made aware of the situation. Keep lines of communication open between you and the school and try to keep your frustration under your hat. It can be incredibly difficult to keep your cool when you feel like your child is under attack, but in situations like this, calm might result in better results from both school officials and other parents.

Minimizing the appearance of eczema will, of course, also help reduce any unfair scrutiny your eczema child might be receiving on the school yard. Doing wet wrap therapy every night gives your eczema child’s skin a chance to hydrate and recover from bad flare ups. If they are a bit older, your eczema child is probably too big for the Eczema Rescue Suit, but we also offer a number of other pieces of Eczema Clothing that are perfect for kids, and adults as well. If they are suffering from eczema on their joints, our Eczema Sleeves are perfect for localized wet wrap therapy. If they have eczema on their hands or feet, our Eczema Gloves and Eczema Socks can help calm flare ups throughout the night. The Socks and Sleeves can also easily be worn underneath clothing during the day, which can be great to help treat eczema flare ups with dry wrap therapy and an eczema-safe ointment while your eczema kid is at school.

More important than anything is to give your eczema child your complete support and unconditional love. If they know there is absolutely nothing wrong with them, that can go a long way to help maintain their self-esteem, even when it is under attack in places like school.