Roundup of Online Eczema Support Communities

Roundup of Online Eczema Support Communities

Jennie Lyon

Living with eczema or caring for a child who has eczema can be very hard. At times, it’s natural to feel lonely and isolated, but you really are not alone. There are people all over the world in the exact same situation that you’re in who can empathize with how you’re feeling. One of the wonderful things about today’s world of connectivity is that there are a number of online support communities, groups, and forums. These are great places to visit for discussion, suggestions, treatment updates, or even to just vent and feel like someone is listening. This is our roundup of online eczema support communities that are worth checking out.

National Eczema Association Forum

This is an excellent online forum, however you need to join and become a member in order to browse and participate in the conversation. At the time of this article, there were 3,238,449 posts on the forum.

Circle of Moms

This website provides a wide variety of discussions about eczema including a Baby Eczema Support category and an Eczema Tips & Advice category. You can also use their handy search feature to look for more specific eczema related topics, not to mention other parenting topics.


This is an eczema community made up of patients, caregivers, health professionals, charities, and other interested people giving them a platform to openly share their own experiences and knowledge with one another.


This website has a large variety of accessible discussion threads on a variety of eczema topics. At the time of this article, active topics included eczema and birth control, eczema and depression, hemp seed healing balm, and titles like “The ocean did WONDERS for sons eczema!!! “, “Discipline to stop children from scratching??” and similar interesting and relatable topics.

Facebook Groups

There are also a number of useful Facebook groups. There is an interesting group worth joining that we mentioned in our recent article, A BRITISH DOCTOR IS HAVING INCREDIBLE SUCCESS TREATING STUBBORN ECZEMA. Dr Aron Eczema Treatment Discussion Group is a closed group which means you just have to click “join group” and you’ll find 5,478 (or more) people forming a community to share their eczema stories.

Eczema Parents is a group of 6,260 people at the time of this article. Again, you can ask to join the group and you’ll find a very handy community with useful discussions.

Eczema & Allergies - Go Natural Health Champions Support Group is a group for people who are interested in natural healing for eczema. Join 4,071 other like-minded people in this group.

Kids with Allergies, Eczema and Asthma is a group of 2,028 people that you can ask to join and discuss the various allergies and irritations that our children are prone to.

Not that long ago, none of these groups existed. People were stuck to manage their eczema alone, often without anyone to speak with about the problem. We are very fortunate to have these accessible resources at our disposal. We hope you’ll find these groups as helpful as we do.