Quick Relief for Toddler Eczema without Steroids.

Quick Relief for Toddler Eczema without Steroids.

Anne Fairchild McVey

Do You Have a Toddler with Stubborn Eczema?  

Are You Worried About the Side Effects of Topical Steroids?

All you need to do is visit The International Steroid Addiction Network ( to know that topical steroids have dangerous side effects.  There is a successful way to treat your child's eczema without steroids.  Many parents find relief after one treatment of wrapping their child's eczema.  Below find the protocol and an easy diagram to follow.

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Wrapping eczema has been done for hundreds of years and recommended by most eczema treatment centers around the world.  It has recently come to the forefront of eczema treatment due to new specialty eczema wrapping garments.  Before these garments, wrapping required gauze and a lot of patience.  Now, wrapping eczema can be done in under two minutes.  These new garments not only make it easy, but also provide immediate comfort, relief and make it safer than previous protocols with gauze or wet cotton clothing.

Protocol for Wrapping Eczema (Can be easily done at home): 

  • Soak the child in a bathtub in warm water for 10 minutes.
  • Remove the child and immediately pat skin damp not dry.
  • Immediately apply an emollient liberally in a downward motion.  We recommend Vaniply Skin Protectant.
  • Apply the medical eczema garment over the emollient.  For moderate eczema apply the wrap dry, for severe eczema apply the wrap damp.  Damp wrapping severe eczema gives the dry, cracked, inflamed eczema an immediate infusion of moisture and can dramatically decrease eczema symptoms and itch.  Damp wrap the eczema until under control then switch to dry wrapping.  If damp wrapping, apply a cotton layer over the damp wrap.  Please see diagram below. For parent testimonials on wrapping eczema visit

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