Quick Relief for Eczema that Works.

Quick Relief for Eczema that Works.

Anne Fairchild McVey

Eczema Wraps Over Emollients - Quick Eczema Relief.

Wrapping eczema over emollients is an extremely effective treatment and has been done for hundreds of years.  Proper technique is key in decreasing eczema symptoms quickly.  For baby and child eczema, it's best to use eczema treatment clothing designed for wet and dry wrap therapy.  These specialty medical garments can decrease eczema symptoms by 70% when used properly.  Please see the diagram below for eczema wrapping protocol.  The eczema clothing should be used dry (for mild to moderate eczema) and damp (for moderate to severe eczema).  When used damp, for severe eczema, these medical garments calm the itch while repairing the skin barrier through the intense infusion of moisture into the cracked, dry eczema.  Tencel® is the best fabric for eczema wrapping for many reasons.  Tencel® is one of the softest fabrics in the world, is naturally anti-itch, inhibits the growth of bacteria, and stays close to the eczema skin for effective treatment. Please see this video on why tencel® is superior for eczema Cotton and synthetic fabrics can harbor bacteria and are not recommended for damp wrapping of moderate to severe eczema.  Cotton and synthetics become baggy, loose, cold and uncomfortable when wet.  These fibers also become rough, when damp, making wrapping an uncomfortable experience.

Eczema medical wraps come in a variety of sizes and styles based on the part of the body that needs wrapping.  There are full body wraps, eczema treatment gloves for hand eczema, wraps for arms, legs, hands and feet and eczema tops and pants for trunk/arm eczema and leg eczema. Visit for eczema treatment clothing for infants, kids and adults.