​Product Spotlight: Eczema Rescue Tops & Bottoms

​Product Spotlight: Eczema Rescue Tops & Bottoms

Jennie Lyon

Product Spotlight: Eczema Rescue Tops & Bottoms

Even though it can work wonders, let’s just admit it: wet wrap therapy can be a huge pain in the butt. It sounds easy enough—you just wash your child in lukewarm water, pat them dry, apply emollients and other creams to their skin, lightly dampen a cotton bandage, and wrap your child up like a mummy. Simplicity itself! The difficulty is trying to get your child, who is now covered in potentially slippery emollients and fidgeting like crazy, wrapped in the cotton without making a mess or making them uncomfortable. Sometimes they might be wrapped up too tight, other times too loose. You want your child to be as comfortable as possible, as they might already be itchy or in pain. Also, when they start to get a little older, they may want to do some of the work themselves to “take charge” of their eczema. The best solution would be one of our Eczema Rescue Suits. But if your child has grown a little too big for one, we also offer Wrap-E-Soothe Tops and Bottoms for larger toddlers and children.

As older toddlers might not want to be stuck into a onesie, our Wrap-E-Soothe Tops and Bottoms are sold separately. Together, they cover the same area as our Infant Rescue Suits, but are designed in look and feel for bigger boys and girls. The Bottoms have built in feet to allow for full fabric contact if your child suffers from foot eczema. The Top has foldover hand covers that can help with eczema of the hands, as well as help prevent scratching during the night.

Both the tops and bottoms are made from Tencel®, a revolutionary fiber that has been a godsend for sufferers of eczema. It is incredibly soft and has anti-itch properties that help keep children from scratching during the night. Tencel® also can prevent bacteria growth, helping to stop skin infections before they happen. One of the reasons that Tencel® is perfect for wet wrap therapy is because it holds on to moisture for 50% longer than cotton or synthetics, as well as remains smooth and soft when wet. Its tight fit will keep the suit in contact with your child’s skin, helping to lock in moisture and promote healing. Unlike cotton, which can get scratchy and hot, Tencel® is a breathable fabric that keeps your child cool. It’s even all-natural, made from pure cellulose. The best thing is that kids absolutely love it because it is so soft and easy on their skin.

Dealing with eczema can be incredibly difficult for an adult, let alone a child. Our goal is to make life just a little bit easier for them and help relieve some of their frustration and discomfort. Whether used for wet wrap therapy, or comfortably worn under clothes, our Wrap-E-Soothe Tops and Bottoms will help relieve a child’s itch and heal their skin.

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