Product Reviews of the Wrap-E-Soothe Garments to Soothe Itchy Eczema.

Product Reviews of the Wrap-E-Soothe Garments to Soothe Itchy Eczema.

Anne Fairchild McVey




"Our pint-size testers and their moms saw their eczema almost vanish with regular use!"

Referring to the AD RescueWear Wrap-E-Soothe Sleeves

Parents Magazine, October issue, 2014, page 50

"As a board certified, pediatric allergist in New York City I am very familiar with wet wrap therapy using AD RescueWear and find it a wonderful way of treating and managing atopic dermatitis in children. This hydration method helps dampen the pruritis (itchiness) of the skin and lessen the use of expensive corticosteroid creams and ointments. It adds immeasurably to overall treatment."

Paul Ehrlich, MD. FAAP, FAAAAI

New York University School of Medicine

Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

"A patient of mine who used one of your products wanted me to thank has made life so much easier and helped me to convince them about the virtues of wet wraps!!! Thanks so much for all you do!"

Dr. Neal Jain


Co-owner and President, Allergy Intellect

Co-owner, San Tan Allergy & Asthma

"The AD RescueWear suit is comfortable, lightweight and designed for the wet wrap therapy task. All of these features help with adherence to the therapy, which can be difficult at times. Interestingly, we’ve had some patients continue to wear the RescueWear suits even as ‘dry wraps’ — something about the comfort and the full-body coverage can be soothing for some patients”.

Dr. Peter Lio, MD

Assistant Professor of Dermatology and Pediatrics

Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Director of the Chicago Integrative Eczema Center

Quote taken from an article in The Dermatologist (

"Wet Wrap Garments Soothe Skin of Children Suffering From Eczema".

Quote Taken from The Dermatology Times, August 2014

"My 3 year old son has severe eczema. His hands, feet and knees always have horrible eczema on them. I have ordered eczema suits from other companies, but none of them compare to AD RescueWear. The Suit is so lightweight, silky and smooth. It really helps to lock in the creams and ointments after his bath. The suit does not allow him to scratch his hands and feet since they are enclosed in the suit. This suit is the answer that moms of eczema kids have been looking for. Also want to add that wet wrap therapy is the only way to battle severe eczema."


Video Testimonial Part II: Happy Baby Playing: Watch as Jenny's baby plays happily while wearing the Wrap-E-Soothe Suit underneath his regular pjs. Even with his hands covered he can still play and pick up toys.

"Since the day my son was born, we have struggled with his skin sensitivity and breakouts. He was officially diagnosed by his pediatrician at 4 months old with eczema. I have tried several different creams and combinations of different ways and frequency to apply the creams, yet it still resulted with my son's skin still being dry, resulting in eczema breakouts.

Once I heard about the wet wrap therapy suit, I knew it was something I needed to try. I had read a lot about wet wrapping and was curious to see what results the wet wrap therapy suit would have on my son's eczema.

The first night I used the suit, I followed our same nightly routine of a bath followed by applying my son's creams to his skin, and then I put on the suit. I was amazed at how easy the suit was to put on my son, who does not like to stay still very long. I was also concerned if sleeping in the wet wrap therapy suit with the mittens over his hands would affect his sleeping habits. To my surprise, he slept wonderfully through the night, not bothered at all by the suit. I put my son's pajamas over the suit, and he was ready for bed. The whole process of applying the creams, and getting him in the suit followed by pajamas took less than 2 minutes.

When I took my son out of his crib the next morning and undressed him, I was amazed at how soft his skin was. I had never felt his skin that soft and moisturized. I was thrilled. His eczema spots were much less noticeable if at all there. I feel like this suit gives him the upper hand against his battle with eczema. He can start his day with his skin moisturized, when before he was already losing the battle because his skin was always so dry.

I wash the suit everyday in a laundry bag, and lay it out to dry for the next night. This suit has never once lost its shape and still looks brand new after a month of use and many washes. I would highly recommend this suit to anyone who has children who suffer from eczema! This product has made a huge difference in my son's skin, and I am forever grateful to the creators of this suit!"


"The wet-wrap suit that you all have created is a revolutionary product in the battle against eczema and everyone needs to know about it."


"To use the Wrap-E-Soothe Suit, after bath time I get her medicine on her and then I lather her up in her cream. Once that’s all applied I get the suit wet in the bathroom sink. I ring in out so it’s not soaking wet and then I put it on her. It goes on just like her sleeper pajamas. Then I put her pajamas on over the top to keep her warm. Now she’s all ready to go! Then I just wrap her up and put her to bed for the night. I was surprised at how easy it was to put on and I was even more surprised to see her results from the night before. Check out her before and after pictures of her marks on her neck. They look so great after just one night!"



"Now my big concern with the suit was with it being wet, would it make her cold at night. The first time we used the suit she did wake up at night so I thought she was getting cold. So the next few nights we didn’t have her sleep in it to see what would happen and guess what happened? She didn’t sleep through the night! So it must have been a fluke because we’ve used it since then and we haven’t had any problems. She sleeps great and she is nice and snuggly warm when she wakes up!

Now for the Wrap-E-Soothe Sleeves these things are simply amazing and I wish I had known about them last year for my son. He does get an occasional flare up so they are so nice to have on hand. For the Sleeve, I simply put on my son’s prescription medicine then his cream and then I put the sleeve over his arm so he can’t itch! I can’t fit my arm in it to see what it feels like but my son says it makes his arm feel better."


"The sleeves worked better than I expected! After dealing with troubled eczema spots on my 2 year-old daughter, I found that after even one overnight use, the area was soft, supple and appeared to be clearing up. We are so happy we tried something so simple, yet functional and that actually works! They're a God-send!"

Pastor Tim

"I used the sleeves on my eight year old son who has had eczema since birth. He has eczema all over his body which is made worse by stress and warm, sunny weather. Returning to foggy San Francisco after a month in Upstate New York during the summer had his eczema so flared up. We were able to get most of his body under control with the usual cream therapies, but his feet (which had been exposed to the sun the most) were all crusty, red and scabbed over. I just couldn't get his feet comfortable until we started to use the sleeves from AD RescueWear. After about 5 uses of the sleeves, his feet where the best they have been in about a year. I was so impressed by the change that I had to write something. We have been struggling with eczema for so long that I wish these products had been around when my son was young. The material is soft and comfortable to wear to bed under pajamas. We put the sleeves on after showering and getting cream everywhere it needs to go. We have used the sleeves on feet, ankles, arms and legs. They truly are multi-purpose and easy to use."


"They are working great for wet wraps!!!! So fast and I leave them a tad drippy .. And they stay wet the entire 2 hours! Thank you!"


"My 15 month old son has severe dry skin on his legs and arms. After using the AD RescueWear suit at night for two weeks we have noticed a huge difference in his skin. The redness on his arms and legs are almost completely gone and the bumps are significantly less. The suit was easy to use. It was never a fight to put it on because it fit just like his pjs. This is a top notch product and I would highly recommend it to anyone who has a child with severe dry skin."

Jenny, mother of 3

"For the first time in almost a year I didn't have to lather my little girl up with steroids after her bath, just vanicream!!! Thank you so much for making the rescue suit!! It truly is amazing!!"


"Thank you all for helping make my little 2 year old's life that much more comfortable. Through the use of your suit and her doctor's treatment, she is a happier and healthier little person. Thank you!"


"We love the Wrap-E-Soothe wet wrap sleeves from AD RescueWear. My son and I both use them for our eczema and they are not only easy to use but so effective. For the first time, my 6 year old son was so excited to show off his soft "normal" looking skin instead of trying to cover-up in embarrassment. He shows anyone who comes in our front door. Finally something that works. He begs to use them every night."


"Dear AD RescueWear,

Just wanted to say a very big THANK YOU for creating a product that works! My 4 year old has eczema on her legs, knees and all over her feet for the last 2 years. As a mother it's heartbreaking to watch her tear herself apart with the constant scratching.

I don't remember the last time she (or I for that matter) had a full nights sleep until we tried your pants and wet dressing! Amazing!

So thank you from us all. I will be highly recommending you to anyone who's child suffers from eczema!"


"Our routine in using the suit is pretty simple. If he seems to be having an eczema flare or is itchy at all, we opt for him to wear the suit under his footed pjs for the night. We typically start with an evening bath, gently pat him dry, apply a healing balm (Vaniply Ointment Skin Protectant 2.5 Oz), wet the suit in warm running water and squeeze it out, slip the suit on, and slide his pj’s over the suit. My son doesn’t mind wearing the Wrap-E-Soothe Suit in the least bit. We’ve actually dubbed it his healing suit. When he’s itchy, he often asks for his “Super Suit”, which is pretty cute and right on.

I can't say more than enough good things about this product. This Eczema treatment has gotten my son to the point were he can actually comfortably wear short sleeved shirts and shorts again, something we didn’t think would happen all Summer season. And another thing is that I could only get his irritated skin better by using steroids but the good news since using the wet wrap suit is that I haven’t had to use that medication in months. It’s been a Godsend."


"Our daughter has been struggling with eczema for most of her life. Upon coming across and using the full bodysuit from AD RescueWear, my daughter's comfort level has gone up exponentially, her eczema flare-ups are reduced, and her skin is the best it has ever been. I highly recommend AD RescueWear for any parent who wants to help their child manage the symptoms and stress of eczema."


"I use the Wrap-E-Soothe Sleeves on my 4 year old son regularly to keep his eczema flares under control. If I hear my son scratching at night while he's sleeping in his bed, I wet the sleeves and slip them on his legs damp and he doesn't even wake-up. The whole family sleeps better!"

Beth Scott, President, AD RescueWear

"We are grateful for the AD RescueWear suit that my 2 year-old son wears each night, as he suffers from mild to severe eczema. We initially found it useful for holding in moisture, but recently we have been seeing actual healing of his skin when we soak the suit in water that is mixed with Himalayan pink salts. Overall, the product is great and there is none other like it. The pockets that enclose his fingers to keep him from scratching at night are very important in reducing the risk of infection of his skin. We recommend this product to parents who feel helpless with early childhood eczema."


"My baby was born with red patchy skin that just kept getting worse. At 6 months, I finally took him to an allergist who recommended wet wrapping. I tried bandages and double layers of clothes neither worked as well as AD RescueWear. The Wrap-E-Soothe suit is thin and soft on my baby's sensitive skin plus it was easy to put on him. And after all the creams and wiggly baby, it's nice to easily slip on the suit. The suit washed great. Excellent product, I wished I had it from day one. Buy two, so you always have a clean suit. Oh, I almost forgot, I love the way the mittens fold over the hands but the baby can still pick up toys and play. Overall excellent product!"

Keshia, mother of 4 boys, 2 eczema sufferers

"My son is 3 years old and has been fighting atopic dermatitis since he was born. It has been a daily struggle to try our hardest to keep it under control. It seems to us that he gets worse every summer than the year before. This year he has been in a reaction since about March and on numerous rounds of antibiotics. His doctor suggested we visit your website and give these a try. When he was younger we were able to just use jammies but as he has gotten older he tends to try to take them off. When we received these in the mail we were super excited to give his skin the much needed moisture it has been needing. He put them on dry first to get used to them and then after his bath we got them wet. He was unsure of this at first but slowly I think he was feeling a sense of relief. He then had to wear the following night. I was very nervous that he would try to take them off but he didn't and my husband and I were very pleased at how soft the material is and how easy he took to them. Thank you for helping my poor little guy find some relief."


"Our three year old son suffers from severe eczema. We have tried nearly everything to help our son find relief from his eczema, but to no avail. We had heard of wet wraps and saw your products, but were hesitant to try them. After yet another doctor recommended we do wet wraps with our son, we finally broke down and purchased the suit. Within days our son's skin was clearing up and much smoother. He was not itching as much and found some relief. We also decided to purchase 2 pairs of the sleeves for use on just his feet and arms and were again pleased with the results. Our son continues to battle eczema, but when we use the suit, or the sleeves, we are pleased with the relief our son receives from them. The more we use them the better he feels and the better his skin looks. We are hopeful now that his battle with eczema may be coming closer to an end and we have your products to thank!"

The Matthews Family

"Our son has extreme eczema and is considered in the 2% of the worst eczema that Doernbecher Children's Hospital has ever seen. Their answer to solve it was to use steroid cream. The only catch was using the steroid cream lowers his immune system and he becomes sick very often. It was like putting a band aid on it and not getting to the root cause. It was also like trading one problem for another. So my wife and I set out to find out as much as we could about eczema and alternative methods (natural) to help our son. We came across a product that was all natural which was avocado butter. This worked great but his skin was having a hard time soaking it up. That is when my wife came across your product and it has been an actual lifesaver. Combining the avocado butter with your suit makes his skin remarkable. The avocado butter took a lot of the eczema (red puffy bumps) away but he was still left with extremely dry skin. The suit has taken 98% of the dry skin away and allows his skin to soak up the avocado butter. Now our son not only feels better he looks better also. It has been a blessing that we came across your product. We can't start to tell you how much your product has helped our youngest son. So in leaving, thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

Aaron and Danielle

"In the few days that we have used the suit, we have seen a dramatic difference. We have continued to use Desonide, have increased his Vaseline applications from 2 times per day to three, and have worn the suit. His body looks amazing! I am ready to order another suit. Thank you for making an amazing product."


"We originally ordered the suit because we were no longer able to control her eczema flare-ups. Fortunately, the suit has worked wonders for my daughter's eczema flare-ups and has helped control future flare-ups. Before the suit, our daughter would wake up many times in the middle of the night because her skin itched so bad. Now, she is able to stay asleep through the night and itching has basically subsided when she has the suit on. We love the fact the suit covers her entire hands and feet, this helps prevent her from scratching. Since her eczema is better controlled, we now use less cortisone which is good thing.

We are now looking to buying a suit for our younger 9 month old son. His eczema has started to spread from his face to his body. Since he crawls so much, his knees and elbows are starting to get some bad eczema patches."


"We tried your 4T top and bottom. The pieces felt very soft and they were easy to put on him. He was comfortable in them and he also seemed to stay warm through the night with his pajamas on top of them. I liked the feet on the bottom and the option of the hand covers. I really wish we could have had a product like this when he was younger.

After using the suits for the three days, I would say that his skin was noticeably softer. The skin behind his knees in particular looked improved from the scarring and eczema he typically has there. I also did not notice him scratching himself after his bath as much as he typically does in the dry, desert climate we live in, which led me to believe he felt more comfortable."


"The AD RescueWear Wetsuit is a great invention. Our little girl had results within 3 days. No more itching and scratching. What a great skin saving suit!"


"After months of being up all night with my scratching little guy and exhausting all lotions, potions, soaps, and medications we found this suit and it saved our lives. He wore it damp for each night for two weeks and has worn it dry almost every night for the last year. His skin has improved dramatically."

Product Review from The Eczema Company

"So easy to use, wash and wear. Just what you need when your little one is crying in pain, yet struggling to get away and play. Highly recommend this item."

Jewel, Product Review from The Eczema Company

"We're struggling with figuring out a way to control my 6 month old's eczema. He'd wake every night with new sores from where he had scratched through at night. So far, he has seemed much less "itchy" with this product, and it keeps his hands wrapped well, unlike gloves or socks which he was able to take off at night. We still don't have his eczema under control, but while we search for a way to manage his severe skin problems, this product is a life saver."

Tiffany, Product Review from The Eczema Company

"I ordered two of these suits, and have tried them for a couple of months. I've found them to be excellent for managing my son's scratching, and minimizing irritation. The fabric is super soft, and fits like a glove. When he tries to scratch, he isn't able to rub the fabric so much against his skin. I use them in addition to the cotton onesies and pants (with the fold over hand covers) so he actually has two layers. I wash the outfits with soapnuts, as a gentle non-allergenic detergent. I love them, and the nice thing is that he loves them too, and calls them his astronaut suits :) I'm planning to order at least two more!"

Product Review from The Eczema Company

"I have 2 wonderful daughters, but my youngest suffers from celiac and has eczema outbreaks in the winter. After using the AD RescueWear tops and bottoms I noticed a significant decrease in outbreaks all together! We have to be cautious of all products we use on her skin so we are excited to share what we have found. At the local farmers market, I discovered a local salve with a heavy base of Fulton County beeswax , regional essential oils of lavender & calendula, and a touch of high quality evoo that is amazing. It is definitely "oily" but it smells great and gets the job done . I also rely on Griffin Remedy shower gels and skin foods, a San Francisco company, that includes organic sulfur compound in their gels which makes cell walls more permeable, thus able to allow more nutrients in and to allow waste materials to pass out of the cells. Keep up the great work AD RescueWear. Thank you."


"My youngest son, Ethan, developed eczema at the age of 3 mths. It started on his cheeks and within 5 months, spread over his entire body. Every inch of his skin was dry and cracked open and his pigment changed from an almond brown to almost black. The doctors' caring for him at the time stated that he looked like he had 3rd degree burns!

Despite trying every cream, lotion, oral and topical steroid known to man, his condition lasted for 18 months. Our dermatologist had mentioned wet-wrap therapy as a remedy for the inflammation associated with eczema and the night-time itching cycle. At the time, this consisted of dressing our child in his sleep-jumper and literally wrapping him with a wet towel. This was a messy process and my son did not enjoy it all. When I found out about the wet-wrap suit developed by AD Rescue-wear, I was ecstatic! This product made true wet-wrap therapy possible and a lot less messy."


"It's the best thing on the market for giving my little grand daughter some relief, from the itching of eczema!"

K. Hoagan

"Our 6 year old son has battled eczema since he was born. Over the years, we have tried countless creams, ointments and pajamas. Unfortunately, no matter what we tried, he continued to suffer. Some nights he would wake up scratching unable to go back to sleep. We were running out of ideas when we learned about your product. Even though it is often used for wet wrapping, we wanted to share our success in using the suit dry. After a shower or bath, we have had great results by simply applying a cream and putting the suit on him. This holds in the moisture and allows him to sleep through the night. AD RescueWear instantly became his (and our) favorite! Thank you for developing such an amazing product."


"As a birthday gift, my son received a Wrap-E-Soothe Bottoms in size 4. We were really grateful to get these because my poor son scratches and scratches at night due to severe eczema on his legs. He did so well that first night and we all got a good night's sleep for the first time in months. I couldn't believe it! I was so happy!"


"Awesome product. Can not recommend it enough. So soft & the tags on the out side so no irritation to skin. My son just curles up in it. Highly recommended."

Katie Breingan

Gena uses the Wrap-E-Soothe top and bottom on her son and says Wet Wrap Therapy is easy and it truly is a miracle for eczema. Read her full testimonial with the link below.

"We noticed a big difference in the feel of our daughter's skin after just one use of the Wrap-E-Soothe Top and Bottom. Sure, it took some bribery of a second bedtime book and extra snuggles to get her to keep the damp suit on, but after a while she didn't even notice she was wearing it. In the morning, her skin was no longer red and raw, plus it felt softer than it ever has before."

To read more of this review visit:

Melissa Alcorn, Publisher, Macaroni Kids

"We used the bottoms for our daughter's eczema on her leg. It was raw, after her wearing the bottoms (wet and dry) with creams, her leg has healed. The sore was large and inflamed from scripting for several months. Thanks AD RescueWear!"


"First off, THANK YOU for inventing such a wonderful product to help our kids find relief from the night-itching cycle associated with eczema. My 4 yr old son has dealt with this since birth and your products provide an enormous degree of comfort."


"Last summer, 2013, when we were at our wit's end with eczema, infections including recurrent staph & impetigo, 
we found AD RescueWear on-line & began using their products to wet wrap our daughter. We also purchased their gloves for our daughter to wear at night & school to prevent scratching. This has been the most helpful treatment so far for my daughter.”


"We used them for my 4 year old's poison ivy. The anti-itch fabric worked great to help him not itch and scratch his poor little skin and let it heal. Thanks AD RescueWear!"


"I love the Wrap-E-Soothe tops and bottoms for my 4 year old whose eczema flares in the hot humid weather. I can't get him to take them off!"


"Bought them for my grandchildren, both of whom suffer from eczema. My 2 yr old granddaughter is especially bad waking up many times at night because she's so itchy. She slept in the body suit with the cream and actually got a real night's sleep. My daughter considers it a miracle. My grandson is 8 and he gets eczema especially behind the knees and inside his elbows. The sleeves worked great for him."


"This is the best product we've ever purchased for our infant son. After trying it for just one night, we saw a major improvement in his skin."


"Perfect for Topical Steroid withdrawl. Red Skin Syndrome (see www.ITSAN.ORG) its a real condition I would have NEVER believed it until we went through it. Use them with wetwrap therapy----no steroids, those are DANGEROUS!"


"This has helped my son so much. I wish I had found this sooner! My sons skin is so much better."


"Our three year old has terrible eczema and scratches all night long. Up until I found these, I had been using socks (with the toes cut off) as sleeves, but this has made a great difference. The breathable fabric has helped her eczema so much already. We have been putting on a thick layer of her cream and then covering with the sleeves. We have seen a huge improvement in just a week."


I am so very thankful that we found AD RescueWear's Rescue Suit. It has totally changed the game for us. It has brought about such amazing results that I can't imagine what we'd do without it. We use it for both wet wrap therapy (when needed) and for regular pajamas/playsuit. I love that it has the mitts and that it is made of a wonderfully soft, breathable material. We were simply unable to find any set of pajamas with mitts to fit our toddler. So I am very thankful that AD RescueWear offers this body suit in toddler sizes. I think it is totally worth the investment, and I wish that every child with eczema would automatically be given this body suit at the doctor's office the second they are diagnosed.

Kelly Hamilton-McMahon

Sleeping kiddo, happy mom. Rescue Wear has helped give our little one comfort during her outbreaks. She would wake upwards of 8-10 times a night. The rescue wear helps reduce this waking and gives her a better night sleep. Wished they lasted a bit longer but so worth it.


We received the eczema gloves and they are perfect. But the best part? They are really helping our son. It's so difficult to stop the eczema flare-ups on his hands, but these are a big help. And we love the eczema wrap sleeves. Very grateful for your products. Wish we could afford more, but so grateful we can afford any!


We can't miss a night without this sleep suit. We have ALL been sleeping better since using it. My son is 2 and it gets a lot of wear and tear, so it has to be replaced every 3 months. This really should be covered by works better than any type of steroid or antihistamine oral medicine for itching. It is not a cure for eczema and his skin is still a mess, so we still use the ointments and meds for additional relief, but his nightime itching had decreased by at least 75% since using the suit. We alternate dry and wet wrapping every other night in combo with Vaseline.