Product Review of AD RescueWear Eczema Treatment Clothing.

Product Review of AD RescueWear Eczema Treatment Clothing.

Anne Fairchild McVey

Product Review of the Rescue Suit for Eczema Treatment.

I was up half the night researching eczema treatments as usual when I came across the AD RescueWear website. Instantly, I felt like I'd arrived at a website tailored to my son's needs. I was drawn immediately to the one step wet dressing eczema suit made of TencelĀ®. I quickly became familiar with the website, read about each product, and knew our lives would be better because of this discovery.

My son has suffered for years with terrible eczema. We had only recently made the decision to stop all steroids and find a safer more natural way to heal his skin.

Now weeks into the process of Topical Steroid Withdrawal and feeling beyond desperate for an easier method of wet wrapping our son, I had landed upon this gift. It took 30-35 minutes each night, applying the expensive wet dressings, attaching each one with tape, securing with socks, placing him in uncomfortable pajamas with elastic footies and praying that he wouldn't make his way out of them yet again and damage the new skin desperately trying to heal. Our son was traumatized with the sensory aspect of forcing such long procedures on his tender skin. Our son also has autism so one can imagine the lasting fear being created by each bath. My poor child.

I quickly imagined a full night of sleep for myself and our exhausted family.

I checked out the size guide and measured my son. He was right at the edge and quite in between two sizes.

Feeling uncertain I quickly called AD RescueWear and spoke to Anne McVey. She was so helpful and listened as I asked many questions. She offered advice and for the first time in weeks I felt newly inspired.

Our medical grade one step wrap arrived quickly and changed the course of my son's eczema immediately!

Within the first 12 hours he went from sleeping a broken 4 hours to sleeping two long stretches - one was just shy of 5 hours and the other was 4. Incredible!

As a parent we will do anything and buy anything and this was ultimately the last thing I needed to buy.

I've since called and spoken with Anne several times. Each time she has offered me encouragement and useful advice. It's common for parents to feel isolated instead of getting support from the medical community. Regarding our decision to stop steroid treatment, I was met with stares and largely regarded with judgement.

I thank my lucky stars every day I wake up, encouraged by the changes this gift has given my family.

I encourage you to trust your gut. There is very real relief in these products and they work right with your current treatments.

Sincerely, Heather Welch

Andy's Mom