Preventing Allergies and Eczema on Your Summer Vacation

Preventing Allergies and Eczema on Your Summer Vacation

Lana Lindstrom

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Summer is finally here and nothing is better than traveling with your friends or family. Eczema can make traveling hard, especially with children, but it should not stop you from taking a trip. Eczema is manageable if you are prepared and willing to take the extra steps to stay safe and healthy.

Planning ahead

Stress is very common when planning summer trips and vacations for your family, which will trigger a flare. Be prepared to plan ahead MUCH more than before. Allergies and triggers are everywhere. Once you step outside your normal environment, you are more likely to flare.

Never forget your eczema or allergy medication, and always pack extra. You will never regret packing too much but can regret not packing enough. Double and triple check that you’ve packed the right medications. Make sure to pack them in your carry on if you are flying. If the airlines lose your luggage you will still have your eczema medications.

Eczema-safe sheets are so important to have for traveling. Sheets and pillowcases at hotels can be strong triggers due to harsh detergents and bleach. AD Rescuewear Tencel sheets are made for eczema. These ultra-soft, breathable, anti-itch and bacteria wicking sheets are also completely natural. They are designed specifically for eczema and sensitive skin. They include no harmful chemicals, dyes, or zinc. A must for summer travel plans. Along with sheets, consider bringing your own bath and hand towels.

Bring along your own shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. The small products provided by the hotel contain definite eczema triggers. They are full of harsh chemicals, fragrances, and fillers. They also have a tendency to dry skin out. Healthy and safe cleansers and emollients can be found here.

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Dairy, gluten, or soy products are commonly known to cause flares. Healthy snacks are hard to find at airports and restaurants too. Pack snacks you know will not trigger your eczema. Scope out local health food stores where you will be traveling so you can grab a healthy snack or meal while on vacation.

Common foods that are safe for eczema sufferers are dried or freeze-dried fruit, green vegetables, fatty fish, and yogurt. Your skin will react differently to certain foods than others. It’s important to learn your triggers before leaving for vacation.

Other simple tips for planning ahead

  • Call ahead to restaurants to make sure they offer allergy-friendly menu items.
  • If your medications or emollients are more than 4oz, consider shipping them directly to the hotel and have them waiting for you. Or purchase smaller travel containers to pass through airport security.
  • In case of emergency locate your nearest urgent care, doctors office, and hospital prior to leaving.
  • Locate the closest grocery store and pharmacy.
  • If staying with a relative or friend, consider having groceries delivered to their house in advance. This will ensure you have everything you need and not burden your host if they don't understand food allergies.

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