Preventing Allergies and Eczema in Children

Preventing Allergies and Eczema in Children

Jennie Lyon

Preventing Allergies & Eczema in Children

What if there’s a way to prevent both allergies and eczema in children? We’re following a study that’s just come out that has identified a link between infantile eczema and food allergies.

In the past ten years, extensive progress has been made in the prevention of allergies. The old method had been to avoid high allergy foods like dairy and peanuts in the first months of a child’s life. However, that has proven to be ineffective. Newer methods are instead taking the approach of probiotics in infants, and also the introduction of the allergenic foods to help the child build up a tolerance to those triggers. This is showing promise for infants and children in both treating and preventing food allergies.

These methods of preventing food allergies are also holding promise for the prevention of eczema in children. Infants with eczema are at a much higher risk for also developing food allergies. There appears to be a link between infants who have had insufficient exposure to a diverse range of microbes; the introduction of probiotics at an early age is beneficial for increasing this exposure. Infants under the age of six months who take probiotics are shown to have reduced sensitivity to the triggers that cause eczema. Similar results were found with food exposure.

If you are a parent or an expecting parent with a history of food allergies and eczema in your family, be sure to read more about this study and others and watch our blog for more updates on these developments.

There is also research that has found that daily skin care of infants and babies can also prevent eczema development.  If you have a history of allergies, asthma or eczema, make sure to moisturize your baby daily with a fragrance free lotion.