​Precautions When Flying with Eczema Children

​Precautions When Flying with Eczema Children

Jennie Lyon

Precautions When Flying with Eczema Children

Ahh, there is nothing like a vacation. Unfortunately, there is often a huge hurdle in the path of freedom and relaxation. The most stressful part of vacation preparation…The airport.

Getting through the airport and onto the plane can be stressful enough when you don’t have eczema children who may require special attention pre-flight. Here are a few suggestions on how you can make the airport and flying experience as smooth as possible, so you can get to your destination stress-free and happy.

1) Security

Security measures at the airport can sometimes seem rather strange and arbitrary, but there is no getting around them. Normally, it is pretty easy. Just take your shoes off and make sure you don’t have a water bottle. But if you are traveling with eczema children, you might need to take a few extra steps. Odds are, you are traveling with a number of different medications, creams, and eczema-safe ointments. We would recommend that you put them in your checked luggage, but if you are taking them through security, make sure that they are all properly placed in the plastic zip-lock bags provided. The amount of liquid or gel you are allowed to take on a plane is limited per person, so if you have many different products, spread the items among your family.

2) Eczema at the Gate

You sometimes hear horror stories of families being held at the gate because their children are displaying visible signs of eczema. Yes, that’s incredibly unfair. The sad reality is that many people are unaware of the signs of eczema and some airlines might express a worry that your eczema child is unfit to fly. One of the best ways to defuse this unlikely situation is to have your doctor write a note explaining the condition, noting that it isn’t contagious or at all life-threatening. If the airline continues to object, ask if you can see the airport doctor to get your child cleared. If they are still being rude and ignorant, it might be time to try social media. Contact the company directly on Twitter to explain the situation. Perhaps post a public tweet as well. It’s a sad state of affairs, but sometimes public shaming is the only way to get companies to behave fairly.

Now, we really need to note that the above situation is highly unlikely. Much more often than not, an airline won’t blink an eye at an eczema child. Worst case, they might ask a question about the condition. Whatever happens, remain calm and keep your temper under control. Even if it is warranted, customer service rarely responds well to anger.

3) Flying

You can always count on the humidity in an airplane to be dry as the desert. This really isn’t helpful for people who have eczema or other skin conditions that cause dryness. Thankfully, there is an easy, full-body solution for an eczema baby or toddler. Eczema clothing! Prior to leaving for the airport, put them in one of our Eczema Rescue Suits and perform dry wrap therapy. Dry wrap therapy is a variation on wet wrap therapy. The only real difference is that you put the eczema wrap on dry instead of damp. Otherwise the procedure is the exact same (15-minute bath, moisturize, put suit on, put clothes over suit). The Eczema Rescue Suit is designed to treat toddler eczema, and is perfect for situations like this. Your child’s skin will be well-protected and moisturized for the entire flight. If they suffer from a more localized reaction, such as the hands, you could use our Eczema Gloves in the same way.

Flying is almost always a headache, and even more so when eczema is in the equation. But follow these simple suggestions and you will reach your destination without undue trouble before you know it!

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