New Study Indicates Eczema First Develops in the Gut.

New Study Indicates Eczema First Develops in the Gut.

Jennie Lyon

A Key to Childhood Eczema Development

A study has shown that a short-chain fatty acid (SCFA) called Butyrate, produced in the intestine, plays an important role in infant eczema. It’s created by bacteria and there’s a significant difference in how it materializes in children.

This short-chain fatty acid already appears in different amounts at 3 months of age, though most eczema doesn’t manifest itself until the age of one.

This study is important because it demonstrates the role that bacteria plays in the development of the immune system. This is important even before allergies and allergic diseases become visible.

This is another study that reinforces the importance of taking probiotics. Taking probiotics can help to produce higher levels of good SCFAs and lactate while lowering substances that are undesirable like lactose and succinate.

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