New Fibers in Eczema Clothing Have Many Benefits to Sufferers.

New Fibers in Eczema Clothing Have Many Benefits to Sufferers.

Anne Fairchild McVey

New Fibers in Eczema Clothing Have Many Benefits to Sufferers.

Children that suffer from eczema have had few options in the past except topical drugs including steroids with side effects.  These side effects are worrisome to parents with justified reasons.  All a parent needs to do is read the side effects on the pamphlet from the pharmacy to feel uneasy about the current topical drugs available to treat child eczema. Now, there are new fibers available to help treat childhood eczema. These fibers far outweigh the old recommendation from physicians to dress their children in 100% cotton.

So what makes eczema fibers and eczema clothing better than cotton or bamboo for eczema? There are many benefits to these specialty eczema fabrics and clothing which are listed below.

TENCEL® is a New Age Fiber recently entering the market. It is an eco-friendly fiber created from eucalyptus pulp. Textiles of TENCEL® are more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk and cooler than linen. Below is a view under a microscope of the TENCEL® fiber versus cotton. The TENCEL® fiber is much smoother than cotton therefore it feels extremely comfortable to irritated skin including eczema.

TENCEL® fiber also has a wicking effect that is beneficial for eczema sufferers for two reasons.  When moisture builds up on the skin so does bacteria. TENCEL® wicks moisture into the inside of the fabric greatly inhibiting the growth of bacteria on the fabric. This is a wonderful benefit for eczema sufferers that have frequent skin infections. The TENCEL® fiber also calms the itch when the moisture is wicked off the skin. Eczema sufferers report immediate relief from TENCEL® clothing. Below is a diagram of the bacteria found on various fabrics.

The wicking in TENCEL® and the itch relief it provides to eczema sufferers has been documented and the image below shows a graph on itch relief versus other fabrics.

TENCEL® fabric for eczema therapy provides much relief to eczema sufferers. The process is simple and extremely effective. Depending on the severity of eczema, the eczema clothing can be used for either dry wrapping or damp wrapping. The diagram below shows damp wrapping for moderate to severe eczema. Damp wrapping provides immediate relief and if done properly, can decrease eczema symptoms by 75%. For dry wrapping in eczema clothing, the below diagram would be followed but apply the eczema clothing dry. Both treatments infuse the skin with much needed moisture and provides immediate itch relief for eczema symptoms.

The benefits of wet wrap therapy for eczema are a decrease in eczema symptoms and more restful sleep. TENCEL® fabric holds 50% more moisture than cotton and is softer than cotton while providing itch relief. Below is a diagram of the ability to hold moisture between TENCEL® and cotton. 

Below is a link to reviews by individuals suffering from eczema using TENCEL® eczema clothing to alleviate their eczema symptoms.