​New Eczema Treatment Drug Approved by the FDA!

​New Eczema Treatment Drug Approved by the FDA!

Jennie Lyon

New Eczema Treatment Drug Approved by the FDA!

Well, we have some great holiday news for you! Looks like there will be a brand-new eczema drug available on shelves in the new year!

This has been making news all over the place, but we felt that this article summed it up very well.

Back in June, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals bought out a much smaller drug company named Anacor Pharmaceuticals for $4.5 billion. Although they only had a few approved drugs, there was one that was in the pipeline that could be a game changer for eczema: crisaboroleor its brand-name, Eucrisa. We’ve been talking about it all year. Eucrisais a non-steroidal ointment (a phosphodiesterase 4 inhibitor) that is designed to treat mild to moderate eczema for patients 2 years and older. After a number of trials, the FDA announced that overall, the people receiving the drug achieved clear or almost clear skin after 28 days of treatment.

Part of the reason that Eucrisa is being greeted with such excitement is because this is the first eczema drug to be developed in 15 years. It will need to be applied topically twice daily. As it is a trademarked drug, its mechanism of action is still unknown. The only side effect noticed so far is hyper-sensitivity to the drug with a burning or painful reaction where it is applied, but this doesn’t appear to be widespread.

It almost goes without saying just how much of an impact this drug could have on our community. If the drug lives up to its hype, the quality of life for literally thousands of people could improve overnight! We imagine that when combined with wet wrap therapy and an Eczema Rescue Suit that the results would be even better.

The article also has some news about another new eczema drug that was projected to be on the market in 2017, Dupilumab. The drug, which was fast-tracked for FDA approval a few months ago, has encountered a hiccup over the plant it was slated to be manufactured at. Apparently, there was a safety issue that needed to be addressed before the drug is actually approved. Even with this safety issue, the drug is safe and effective so it should be on the market in a few months.

It is a rather exciting time for people who have eczema. With new treatments popping up and our understanding of the condition increasing every day, it could only be a matter of time until extreme cases of eczema are eliminated completely! We will keep you updated on all of these matters.


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