New Eczema Drugs Offer New Hope for Sufferers.

New Eczema Drugs Offer New Hope for Sufferers.

Jennie Lyon

New Hope for Eczema Sufferers.

Eczema is a condition that can sometimes feel never ending. Just as one flare up is healing, another might be developing elsewhere on the body. Treatment options for eczema have usually been limited to managing the condition, trying to lessen and control its symptoms while the root causes remain. But there may be new hope on the horizon!

In 2017, a number of new drugs specifically designed to treat eczema could be approved by the FDA. These would mark the first major eczema drugs released into the market in over a decade. Current medical treatments often involve steroidal ointments that, although effective in the short-term, can cause long-term side effects such as skin reddening, skin thinning, and even kidney damage. The steroids work by suppressing the body’s immune system and inflammatory responses, which can be effective and risky. Despite the risk, many people with severe cases of eczema have no choice but to use them. Now, that might be changing!

Two of the major drugs that look to be released in the next year and a half are Dupilumab, an injectable drug for severe cases of eczema, and Crisaborole, an ointment designed for milder cases. Dupilumab works by affecting two molecular targets that cause eczema. In late-stage studies, it proved to be up to four times as effective as the placebo at reducing or eliminating eczema symptoms. Crisaborole is an non-steroidal ointment that works by blocking an inflammation causing enzyme known as PDE-4. Although this enzyme could previously be blocked by ingesting medication, it would also cause terrible side effects like nausea and diarrhea. These side effects are avoided through use of an ointment.

These treatments, if approved, could drastically improve the lives of suffers by greatly reducing the symptoms of eczema. In conjunction with other forms of eczema therapy, such as wet wrap therapy and rescue suits, we might finally be able to get a firm handle on the condition and improve both our lives and the lives of our children. Fingers crossed!

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