​New Eczema Drug in the Testing Pipeline

​New Eczema Drug in the Testing Pipeline

Jennie Lyon

New Eczema Drug in the Testing Pipeline

Every now and then, we try to keep you updated on upcoming eczema treatments and drugs. A few months ago, we wrote about two such drugs, one of which was called Dupilumab. And we have some exciting news for you about this new, promising treatment!

In this article, it is reported that Dupilumab is on the verge of being approved by the FDA, perhaps as soon as March 2017! Normally, new drugs need to go through an exhaustive testing period of about two years after a successful stage 3 drug trial. Dupilumab, however, has been classified as a “breakthrough therapy” by the FDA, meaning that the government has put it on the “fast-track.”

The results of Dupilumab’s stage three trial were impressive and very exciting. The trial of 1,379 people was divided into three groups, those who were given the drug on a weekly basis, those who were given the drug on a bi-weekly basis, and those who were given a placebo. Above 38% of the people who were given the drug, either weekly or bi-weekly, experienced a total or near-total remission of eczema-related symptoms. Even those whose eczema didn’t vanish still experienced a major reduction of their symptoms. These results were found after a 16-week course of treatment of the injectable drug.

There was also a huge psychological benefit to taking the drug, as it was noted that people who started to have reduced symptoms slept better, were less stressed in general, and felt that their quality of life greatly improved. This news will be unsurprising to many of our readers who know the profound impact eczema can have on your mental health. A major reduction in symptoms, especially itchiness and pain, will have an incredibly impact across the board for eczema sufferers. For eczema children, the difference that an eczema rescue suit or gloves can make in sleep quality is measurable to parents.

If this drug does get approved as safe, it could eventually supplant other, less effective eczema treatments like steroid therapy and phototherapy. Based on the information in this article, you would only need to have a weekly injection, rather than the daily treatment of medicated creams that many use today. Rather than supressing your entire immune system, as many current eczema treatments do, Dupilumab targets a single axis. In other words, this drug is very specific in how it treats eczema, meaning that there will be far fewer side effects such as infection. We don’t know if this drug will be a safe eczema treatment for babies or children, but we hold out hope!

The doctor in charge of the study predicts that, with the advent of this new treatment, many more successful eczema drugs will be developed in the near future. This will, of course, be welcome news to our readers! We are cautiously optimistic about Dupilumab and hope to tell you more good news about it soon!


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