New Children's Book a Must Read for Children with Eczema.

New Children's Book a Must Read for Children with Eczema.

Malcolm Finney Medical Detective - The Case of... Itch and Rash by Erika Kimble

Both owners at AD RescueWear have children with Eczema and we love this book to not only educate the Eczema child about their rash but also to educate anyone that knows a child with Eczema. This new Eczema book for children is available at and is a must read for any child with Eczema or anyone that knows a child with Eczema.

Malcolm Finney, Medical Detective: The Case of Itch and Rash, is a wonderful children’s book that explores Eczema which is a common skin disease in children and often misunderstood. This book educates children about the cause and treatment options for Eczema. The theme of this book is empowerment, tolerance and acceptance for children that suffer from Eczema. It makes learning about Eczema fun and entertaining and is a great way to introduce children to Eczema and help them understand the disease whether they have it or someone they know has it.

The main character is Malcolm Finney, who is a fourth grader who loves science. As an imaginative child detective, Malcolm Finney solves THE CASE OF THE ITCH AND RASH. He uses his detective skills to help his neighbor, Carlita, who has a strange itchy rash. Through a process of elimination and learning about the skin, Malcolm helps Carlita discover she has Eczema and the best treatment options so she can perform in her ballet concert without being itchy.

Malcolm, determined to find out about Carlita’s rash, takes Carlita to his father’s laboratory and "The Itch and The Rash" becomes a science fiction adventure. An interesting time machine takes them into the epidermis and Malcolm educates his friend on the skin, its layers and function. One adult on gave it a nice review and described it as "Dermatology for Dummies."

The book is filled with colorful, exciting illustrations that make the text and science come alive to entertain and educate kids of all ages about Eczema. At the end of the journey, Malcolm diagnoses Carlita’s itchy rash as Eczema which is a rash that commonly occurs in children who suffer from allergies.

Eczema can cause social issues in children because the sufferer can find it embarrassing. Also, other children and parents worry Eczema is contagious. Eczema is not contagious and this book gives an in depth explanation that will ease psychological discomforts for the sufferer and educate others to accept the condition in other people.

The author Erika Kimble is a Registered Nurse with a Master’s in Family Practice. She wrote the book because children are always curious about their own bodies and THE CASE OF THE ITCH AND RASH answers the “Why?” for kids with Eczema and explains it to individuals that know someone with eczema.

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