More Evidence Linking Stress and Eczema - How to Get Some Relief

More Evidence Linking Stress and Eczema - How to Get Some Relief

Elizabeth Scott

At AD RescueWear we’re always searching for the newest and best information to help our customers relieve their eczema. Today we came across recent articles on the National Eczema Association site and the Dermatology News website about emerging evidence linking stress and inflammatory skin diseases such as eczema. We recently blogged about this subject and the field of psychodermatology. Now it seems there's even more evidence that stress and eczema are connected and that using some stress relief techniques may boost your treatment regimen.

Dr. Richard D. Granstein, chairman of the department of dermatology at Cornell University in New York presented a session at this year’s annual meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology called “The Skin and The Mind”. In the session, he discussed new evidence linking stress and skin responses that until recently a direct connection was hard to prove. In a video interview from the conference, Dr. Granstein talks about how several pathways involving neuropeptides have now been identified to help explain this link. He also mentions that stress reduction techniques can be considered as part of a treatment plan for some people with inflammatory skin diseases.

Below is a list of simple stress reduction techniques:

  • Try a new mediation app such as Headspace to get you inspired.
  • Keep your hands occupied with a hobby such as knitting or coloring in an adult coloring book.
  • Take a soothing bath and use your favorite bath soak. 
  • Rest with cooling wet wraps on an itchy area and listen to a relaxing podcast or audio book.
  • Walk in nature or just around your neighborhood.
  • Visit with friends - social interaction can really take your mind off of stress.
  • Practice tai chi or yoga.
  • Keep a journal to write down any negative thoughts and get them outside of your head.  
  • Spend time reading your favorite blogs about areas of interest such as fashion, design, cooking, animals or any other subjects that really interest you. The nightly news is not going to relax you!
  • Read a humorous book - laughter is great medicine!
  • Wear soothing and soft clothing made with fibers like organic cotton and Tencel(r)/lyocell.
  • Most importantly practice self care and take time for yourself.


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