Mobile Apps for People with Eczema

Mobile Apps for People with Eczema

Elizabeth Scott

There’s an app for everything these days and we’ve rounded up a few of the best apps to help you manage your eczema. Apps for medical conditions make reminders, track your condition and help you understand the cause and symptoms of your condition. The apps made for kids can be a helpful distraction from their itchy skin and can encourage them to keep up their skin care routine like applying emollient. Having easy access to this information in your app can make your doctor appointment more efficient. Instead of trying to rack your brains about when your outbreak occurred and what may have caused it, you can track this information in your app where it’s easily accessible at your appointment. Below we list some of the apps available and an overview of each from the apps website.

Mobile Apps for Eczema:

Eczema Doc – itunes: “This app was designed by the Department of Dermatology at UT Southwestern Medical Center as an informational resource for patients with eczema. Patients and their family members may use this app to understand more about the causes and treatments for eczema, but should not use it to treat eczema without specific recommendations by their doctor. The information contained within the app is derived from the National Eczema Foundation, American Academy of Dermatology, and dermatologists at UT Southwestern Medical Center.”

iControl Eczema – available on Google Play: “With iControl Eczema, you will be able to view your daily eczema scores on a graph. When necessary, you can email this to your doctor or show him the chart during your clinic visits. This will give him better insights into your condition. You can also set reminders on iControl Eczema to remind you to apply your moisturizer.”

Eczema Tracker – itunes: “Eczema Tracker is a simple and informative app that helps you view, track, and analyze your eczema, food allergy, and other triggers information, like no other app. The eczema app provides your local pollen, mold, weather, humidity information to help you analyze your eczema or allergy symptoms, and track your triggers to help you identify patterns in your flare-ups. It uses the data you enter to find eczema trends that may lead to flareups.”

Eczema Care – from Johnson and Johnson – itunes: “Eczema Care was developed to help you better understand and manage your eczema. Get valuable skin care tips, track flare-ups, log your daily eczema management activities and create customized reports that will help you and your physician develop a more effective ongoing routine specifically for you and your eczema. Eczema Care is a free resource provided by AVEENO® with additional information provided by the Eczema Society of Canada.”
*Only available on iPhone and iPad supported by iOS7.

Emollizoo – Google Play: “Help the Zookeeper look after her animals with eczema by assisting her with their daily treatment routines! A fun way to help children learn about dry skin conditions, in particular eczema, and the need for emollients. Children learn the correct way to use their own emollient through game play and are rewarded with stickers and certificates when they maintain a good routine of emollient use. All EmolliZoo educational content is accredited by the National Eczema Society (Regd Charity Nos 1009671 and SCO43669).”