Mind Body Approach to Managing  Eczema Symptoms

Mind Body Approach to Managing Eczema Symptoms

Elizabeth Scott

The benefits of meditation and mindfulness practices are well known. Mediation has been practiced for thousands of years and there is evidence it can help people manage different ailments and reduce stress. A common trigger for eczema is stress, so could it be helpful to start a meditation practice to help you manage your symptoms?

The exact correlation between stress and eczema is not known but stress can cause inflammation in the body. Inflammation is one of the underlying causes of eczema so it makes sense they are intertwined. There are some doctors who believe there is such a connection between the mind and skin disorders that they practice psychcodermatology”. The field of psychyodermatology is small in the United States but more common in Europe. The physicians who practice pshycodermatology address the role that stress and other psychological issues play in acne, psoriasis, eczema, itching, hives and other skin problems. They focus on treating the side effects of these diseases such as social anxiety, depression and other psychological issues. One technique they use when counseling people is meditation.

Starting a mediation practice may seem intimidating but there are many resources available to help you learn. Meditation is meant to help you focus on the present, gain a new perspective on a stressful situation ie: your itchy skin, and to combat negative thoughts. It can build self-awareness which can help you build new skills to manage stress. Meditation can be simple, natural and a very inexpensive way to deal with stress and anxiety. There are different types of meditation so there’s bound to be one you can feel comfortable trying. There are meditation centers, books on meditation and helpful apps on your smart phone that can walk you through an entire meditation.

While meditation may not cure your eczema, and you won’t want to replace your conventional care, it may help you to cope with symptoms. One of the more popular meditation apps available on your smart phone is called Headspace. If you are interested in learning more about the health benefits of meditation speak with your physician who may have specific recommendations for you.

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