Managing Severe Eczema - a Father's Journey.

Anne Fairchild McVey

Please tell us what age your child developed eczema and the symptoms?

Bailey has had eczema since shortly after she was born. However, her symptoms did not become chronic and severe until April of 2014 when she was 11 months old. That April, she broke out all over her body, and it was severe. That started our rollercoaster of doctor’s treatments, sleepless nights, and incessant itching (24/7). Over the next 8 months, we saw numerous doctors, spent thousands of dollars on treatments, and we all deteriorated emotionally. It was a VERY rough time. To date, Bailey has seen 3 primary care doctors, 4 dermatologists, 1 allergist, and 1 sleep specialist. We’ve tried every therapy from steroids (oral and topical), to all natural homeopathy, to wet wraps and bleach baths. She’s had to be on numerous rounds of antibiotics due to skin infections. We’re still in search of answers. She cleared up to a very controllable level in the months of January through March of 2015. But once April rolled around again, just like last year, her eczema flared out of control. So back to doctors and steroids we went.

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Please discuss your experience with your child’s doctor and other physicians and who was most helpful?

We’ve had both good and bad experiences with the doctors. Some doctors wanted to overmedicate her with steroids, and we’ve had to push back against those treatments, because they have historically made her symptoms worse. Her dermatologists were definitely the most helpful in terms of teaching us techniques for controlling her eczema. They taught us about proper moisturization techniques, bleach baths, and wet wrap therapy for eczema. Her allergist was also helpful in identifying food allergies/triggers.

What is your process of controlling your child’s eczema? Please explain what did and did not work.

Steroids did not work. They worked in the beginning, but eventually they made her eczema worse. At this point, we are still in search of the right regimen. Some of the techniques that have given us the upper hand include: wet wrap therapy, The Rescue Suit from AD RescueWear (which my daughter wears day and night—the only time she changes into regular clothes is when we leave the house), bleach baths, prescription antihistamines to cause drowsiness and control the itching at night, heavy and constant moisturization, and moderate/systematic use of prescription steroid creams for severe flare-ups.

Was wet wrap therapy with the AD RescueWear product/products effective in treating your child’s eczema?

Absolutely, without a doubt, yes. They, in my opinion, are the BEST for wet wrap therapy.

How did you hear about AD RescueWear?

When we first started to struggle with my daughter, Bailey’s, eczema, my sister found a tiny advertisement in a magazine for The Rescue Suit. I don’t remember the name of the magazine, but I immediately looked it up online and placed an order. After researching it, I ended up ordering her first Rescue Suit that night from Amazon. I chose Amazon at the time because I used Amazon for everything and I got free shipping.

Did you have a positive or negative experience with AD RescueWear?

I’ve had positive experiences for sure. We’ve ordered about two suits a month (from various sites) for about the past 15ish months. I received one Rescue Suit that had a zipper issue, but after contacting AD RescueWear about the problem, the suit was promptly replaced.

I’ve attached a picture of Bailey in her Rescue Suit at a doctor's appointment and sleeping on the couch with her dad during one of her eczema flare-ups, as this was one of the only ways we could get her to sleep.

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