Managing Child Eczema with the Rescue Suit for Eczema

Managing Child Eczema with the Rescue Suit for Eczema

Anne Fairchild McVey

AD RescueWear Interviews Kathy Patterson About Managing Her Grandson's Severe Eczema

Please tell us what age your child developed eczema and the symptoms?

My grandson developed eczema at age 6 months. He was born with an X-linked disorder called Ichthyosis, and he has very dry skin. He gets red, inflamed, crusty patches of eczema & has symptoms of Psoriasis. He has an internal & external itch

Please discuss your experience with your child’s doctor and other physicians and who was most helpful?

My grandsons pediatrician, geneticist, & dermatologist have all been helpful in advising on his skin issues. In terms of topical medications the dermatologist had been most helpful, but in terms of antihistamine use, the pediatrician. Both the pediatrician & the dermatologist wrote prescriptions & letters advocating the use of, & insurance coverage for the Rescue Suit for Eczema.

What is your process of controlling your child’s eczema? Please explain what did and did not work.

Keeping the skin moist, thereby decreasing the "itch" is the main process we use to control the eczema. Avoiding irritants/allergens on the skin is next.

Bleach baths 3x/week, steroid creams intermittently, non-fragrant products for bathing, fragrance free laundry detergents, no fabric softener sheets, Vaseline Petroleum Jelly 8-10 times/day to moisten, keeping nails trimmed to prevent wounds from scratching, and last but not least: wet wrap therapy with the Rescue Suit for Eczema applied under PJs at night.

Was wet wrap therapy with the AD RescueWear product/products effective in treating your child’s eczema?

Yes, wet wrap therapy with the Rescue Suits has been effective for my grandson. It soothes irritated skin and prevents him from opening wounds/prevent infection.

What is your impression of the AD RescueWear website?

The website is user friendly & informative. I found the information to be accurate & current. I spoke to my grandsons dermatologist about the information found on the AD RescueWear website and she agreed it's informative.

Did you have a positive or negative experience with AD RescueWear?

I've had only positive experiences the three times I've ordered products through the website & with the products themselves.