Managing a Large Family with Eczema.  A Mom's Successful Journey.

Managing a Large Family with Eczema. A Mom's Successful Journey.

Anne Fairchild McVey

AD RescueWear Interviews Alicia Rozell About Her Five Children with Eczema. 

Please Tell Us What Age Your Child Developed Eczema and the Symptoms? Five of my children all developed eczema by about 5 months old. They all have food allergies that also trigger the eczema. They experience itchiness, red patches, dry, scaly skin, irritability and very little sleep due to itching and burning.

Please Discuss Your Experience with Your Child’s Doctor and Other Physicians and Who Was Most Helpful? My children's pediatrician, pediatric allergist and pediatric dermatologist all work together to do everything they can for my kids.

What is Your Process of Controlling Your Child’s Eczema? I use wet wrap therapy, Vaniply, Vaseline, bleach baths, and also avoid hot and cold weather as much as I can. I avoid foods they're allergic too and thick clothing.

Was Wet Wrap Therapy with the AD RescueWear Product/Products Effective in Treating Your Child’s Eczema? Yes! My son's skin is showing so much improvement from wet wrap therapy with his AD Resuewear suit. Also it prevents him from uncontrollably scratching which leads to tearing of the skin and bleeding.

Did You Have a Positive or Negative Experience with AD RescueWear? I had a positive experience.

What Future Products Would You Like to See at AD RescueWear? Suits for older children like my 8 and 10 year old. 

Above is a photo of Alicia's son in the AD RescueWear Rescue Suit for Eczema.