Living with Eczema - 9 Easy Tips for Relief.

Living with Eczema - 9 Easy Tips for Relief.

Anne Fairchild McVey

Eczema Can Be a Tough Condition to Live with but the Tips Below Can Help You Find Relief.

Do you or your child suffer from eczema?  Research reports many symptoms that can range from itching and oozing to depression and isolation.  Below are some easy tips to manage the disease and decrease eczema symptoms.

  • The most important thing for managing eczema is daily skin care. Bathe or shower daily and apply an eczema emollient.  Bathing or showering at night rinses off the day and everything you have been exposed to at home, work or play.
  • Be careful what you put on your skin. Only use products with the National Eczema Association's Seal of Acceptance.
  • Use an eczema cleanser sparingly and rinse well during your shower or bath. Immediately apply an emollient.
  • Emollients are best for eczema and should be applied immediately after a warm bath. Creams and lotions are water based and do not give the relief that emollients and ointments provide.
  • Dress in eczema clothing. These garments are designed to keep messy emollients in place and stop the itch during treatment. Eczema clothing can provide the much needed relief in the evening in order to get some sleep.
  • Keep your home dust free and use a vacuum with a hepa filter. Dust mites can really aggravate eczema.
  • Use a FREE and CLEAR laundry detergent. The National Eczema Association recommends All FREE and CLEAR. Always use the extra rinse cycle on your washing machine and do not use fabric softer or dryer sheets.
  • Consider bleach baths for eczema if you or your child suffers from skin infections. Here is an article on bleach baths and instructions
  • Keep your pets out of the bedroom. Pet dander can really flare eczema.

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