Life Changing Eczema Garments from AD RescueWear

Life Changing Eczema Garments from AD RescueWear

Anne Fairchild McVey

Life Changing Eczema Garments from AD RescueWear.

The AD RescueWear Eczema Garments are used to successfully treat stubborn eczema.  The Wrap-E-Soothe products effectively treat mild to severe eczema.  Applied either damp for moderate to severe eczema, or dry for mild to moderate eczema, the Wrap-E-Soothe line soothes the eczema with its anti-itch fabric while repairing the skin barrier.  Most individuals report more restful sleep during the first treatment and many report seeing a difference in the eczema after 1 treatment.

The Wrap-E-Soothe line is exactly that - a wrap made out of eco-friendly, anti-itch fabric that is designed to soothe the eczema while treating it.  These garments are applied over an emollient after a warm bath.  If eczema is moderate to severe, apply the garments damp and cover with a dry layer of clothing.  Do not worry about the child becoming cold or uncomfortable.  Wet wrap therapy has been advocated by doctors as a safe and effective treatment for eczema for over 20 years.  The damp anti-itch garment soothes the eczema immediately and the dry layer on top keeps the child warm.  The fabric is light and only stays damp for 2 hours.  The child can remain in the garment after it becomes dry as it serves as a dry wrap.

If you are looking for a solution for your child's stubborn eczema look no further.  AD RescueWear has the relief you have been looking for.

"When I took my son out of his crib the next morning and undressed him, I was amazed at how soft his skin was. I had never felt his skin that soft and moisturized. I was thrilled. His eczema spots were much less noticeable if at all there. I feel like this suit gives him the upper hand against his battle with eczema. He can start his day with his skin moisturized, when before he was already losing the battle because his skin was always so dry."  Jenny

"The wet-wrap suit that you all have created is a revolutionary product in the battle against eczema and everyone needs to know about it."  Eric

"For the first time in almost a year I didn't have to lather my little girl up with steroids after her bath, just vanicream!!! Thank you so much for making the rescue suit!! It truly is amazing!!"  KS

"Thank you all for helping make my little 2 year old's life that much more comfortable. Through the use of your suit and her doctor's treatment, she is a happier and healthier little person. Thank you!"  Thomas

Below you will find a wet wrap therapy diagram.  Please visit for more information on our revolutionary garments for child eczema.