Leaders in Eczema - A Forum for Hope and Support

Leaders in Eczema - A Forum for Hope and Support

Elizabeth Scott

AD RescueWear is a supporter of the National Eczema Association and our Wrap-E-Soothe products carry the National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance. So, we were excited to hear that the next Leaders in Eczema forum by the National Eczema Association will be held in Denver, Co this August 5, 2017. 

These one-day forums for adults living with eczema and caregivers of children with eczema offer:

  • News and information from eczema experts
  • Coping strategies to deal with the emotional impact of eczema
  • Updates on new developments in eczema research

If you or a loved one suffers with eczema the NEA is a wonderful organization to connect with. The mission of the association is to bring people and families suffering with eczema the most up-to-date information about innovations in eczema treatments and tools to help manage and live their best lives. 

The NEA website has links to the latest news in eczema and a directory of products carrying the NEA Seal of Acceptance. They also publish a monthly newsletter called Eczema Matters containing news about new treatments, research and inspiring stories about people living with eczema. The NEA Webinar Wednesdays features world-class medical experts discussing the latest in disease management, research, treatments and related information to help people cope with eczema, each webinar is an hour long. A list of topics and sign up is available on the NEA website. 

The one-day Leaders in Eczema forum is a great way to connect with others and learn more about managing and treating eczema.  If you're near the Denver area be sure to look into attending the forum on August 5, 2017 at National Jewish Hospital.  National Jewish specializes in respiratory, cardiac, immune and allergic disorders. The doctors and nurses at National Jewish are at the forefront of research for eczema and allergies and wet wrap therapy is one of the treatments utilized at the hospital. 

For more information visit this link.